Phillip Lim for Target Lookbook #1

Phillip Lim for a target leopard shirt and tote bag, H&M jeggings and leather jacket, Forever 21 heels, eBay rose gold watch, Tobi sideway cross necklace (buy here)

I don’t think any of the Phillip Lim for Target garments really need introductions. You girls (and guys) are probably awfully sick of seeing them all over the blogging world! Haha! I was super excited this morning when I finally took one of the larger totes out for the day. I swear I received numerous of compliments about the bag when I was running around the city. I must say not only am I in love with the design of the bag, but I am also really enjoying the endless amount of stuff that I can fit inside. I’ve always been a tote bag and carryall bag kind of girl so I really must say that this tote deserves an A+ in my books. Style and functionality all in one, perfect!