How to transition your summer dress for fall: 1 dress 5 ways tutorial featuring Jacob

Who doesn’t like to save money? One of the easiest way to do so when it comes to fashion, is to rework the same piece of clothing again and again. I guess that’s why these pieces are called “staple”. As you can probably tell from the title, I’m going to be teaching you how to transition your summer dress for the cooler fall season. Not only will you be saving money (no need to purchase new fall dresses) but these simple tips will help you stay a bit warmer during those breezy fall nights.

Look #1: The Lace Dress

This is the dress that I’ll be using for this tutorial. It’s called the “Bonded Lace Fit and Flared Dress” by Jacob and it’s currently on sale for $51.96 CAD. What I really like about this dress is the retro silhouette which gives sophistication to any lady. The trendy design of the bold shade and exposed zip complements the conservative silhouette. It has a round neckline and it falls just above the knee for me. I think the dress looks good just by itself already because it tightens at the waist, which easily gives me a fitted figure. I paired it with a pair of nude peep toes that furthers elongate the legs.

Look #2: Channel Your Inner Rock Chick

I love mixing textures, especially when it’s working with a soft vs hard texture. I’m loving the contrast between the roughness of the leather jacket against the soft lace of the dress. The studded gold belt really brings everything together. It’s like having the best of both worlds; rock solid exterior balances the delicate interior. Plus, you get the extra warmth from the jacket itself.

Look #3: Preppy Everyday

If I am still in school, this will be my go-to outfit. (Maybe I would replace the pair of heels with a pair of booties) I love the casualness of the denim shirt against the feminine lace pattern of the dress. I really like tying up a longer denim shirt into a simple knot in order to give my body a bit more of a shape. The big frames are great to finish this preppy look and it can also cover up any fatigue from a long night of cramming homework or studying. I really wish I had discovered this trick when I was back in high school. It would have saved me from looking like a panda during those exam periods.

Look #4: Causally Comfortable

This is a look that I would feel extremely comfortable wearing around the office or around the classroom. It’s polish enough to be appropriate, yet it’s not overly done up because now the dress is a skirt. Simply layer a white t-shirt on top of the dress and add a simple cardigan on top. Then finally, create the waist line by introducing a thin belt that brings all the pieces neatly together. Wearing a belt on the outside can really accentuate the body, which gives an illusion of a smaller waist.

Look #5: Let’s Play Dress Up

Lastly, I paired this dress with a faux fur bolero and a gold belt in order to create a look that’s more suitable for a night out or a dinner date. I think every girl should own a black bolero or a small cover up for any night time occasions. This little bolero from Forever 21 is just perfect because not only is it warm but it matches with practically anything! I’m also one of those girls who enjoy these waived belts because they can be adjusted to any body shape.

So with a little bit of accessories and a whole lot of imagination, it’s very easy to rework the same dress into a various number of different outfits. It’s a great way to recycle the same item, which means not only will you save money during the seasonal wardrobe change but you can also help out the environment a little bit. So remember guys, summer dresses are not just for the summer season! If you’re interested in this dress and many other different types of dresses, please make sure to check out the Jacob website.