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Do you know that “Monoi” means “scented oil” in the Polynesian language? Tahitian women have been covering their body and hair with this beauty elixir for centuries. Monoi is obtained by macerating 100 fresh Tiare flowers in 1 L of Coconut oil. For more than 10 years, Yves Rocher has had the privilege to use a Tahitian Monoi that is AOC certified (appellation of controlled origin). This designation guarantees the authenticity, the quality and the local production of the Monoï. This summer Yves Rocher will be launching their Monoi collection, which will feature some of the products below:

1) LAGOON MOISTURIZING PERFUMED BODY MIST 4.2 fl. oz. / 125 ml Spray (Sale $9.00)
Surrender to a shower of freshness with the exotic fragrance of this moisturizing body mist. Rich in hydrating Organic Aloe Vera, it releases a fine mist on your body to intensely moisturize your skin!

2) PRECIOUS DRY OIL 3.3 fl. oz. / 100 ml Bottle (Sale $13.00)
Succumb to this Precious Dry Oil, its exotic fragrance and non-greasy formula that is enriched with Monoï de Tahiti illuminates the skin, enhances your tan and gives hair a delicate shimmer!

3) TRADITIONAL TIARE OIL 3.3 fl. oz. / 100 ml Bottle (Sale $9.00)
Discover the traditional beauty secret of Tahitian women in this multi-purpose oil enriched with Monoï de Tahiti (50.5%). Your skin is visibly nourished, your tan lasts longer and your hair is softer.

I’ve been loving the traditional tiare oil a lot, especially for my hair. I just need to use a little and my hair feels so soft and refresh. Not to mention, it smells wonderful! :) Make sure to check out Yves Rocher for more of the Monoi products because right now they are 40%-50% off!