How to get Beachy Wavy Hair without using Heat Tutorial

One of my go-to hair during the summer, anytime of the year actually is beachy, wavy hair! I’ve always been envious of girls with naturally curly hair because my hair is dead, flat. It’s okay at times, but most of the time I just find it to be super mundane, especially for someone who’s Asian. Usually I prefer to use my clip-less hair wand to girl my hair but let’s get real, you can’t expect me to wake up an extra half an hour just to curl my hair every morning. So this no-heat beachy hair is just perfect for anyone who’s in a rush in the morning. I remember learning this technique when I was in high school from a dear friend of mine. She had told me that this was a technique that her mom had taught her. I love the undone look with this hair style, it’s as if I really just woke up out of bed with this much volume.

Here are my tools, very simple and very easy to use. Marc Anthony Dream Wave Beach Spray, L’Oreal Elnett Hair Spray, L’Oreal Mineral FX Messy Look Paste (Thank you Michele for gifting this to me, I Love it!) and two giant salon hair clips (I have these ones as well and they are also very good here).

Step 1: Start off with slightly damp hair. I’ve tried this with dry hair and it doesn’t work so make sure your hair is slightly wet. Preferably if it’s toweled dry. Divide your hair into two sections like you would if you’re doing pigtails.
Step 2: Start twisting away from your face at the root of your hair.

Step 3: Twist very, very tight!
Step 4: Twist your hair until you read the end of section.

Step 5: Using the giant hair clips, secure the twisted hair to the top of your head. I would usually prefer to use bobby pins for this step, however, my hair is getting way too long and can no longer be secured with a few bobby pins.
Step 6: Continue steps 2-5 for the other side of your hair and clip your hair to the top of your head

Step 7: Bedtime! You can now let your hair naturally dry over night. In the morning, slowly unclip the hair twists and spray a beach spray all over your hair and start scrunching your hair. Then I like to work a small amount of the paste into my hair for that super messy look. The last part is optional, if you’re hair can go flat during the day, I would suggest setting everything with your favourite hair spray. And then you’re done!

H&M cropped top and harem denim, Boohoo creeper wedge (Buy here), Derek Cardigan glasses