Body Slimming: 2b alternative for legs slimming gel review

Botox always takes a privilege position in beauty industry. Scientists in Spain after years of pursuit have developed an alternative for Botox, it can direct apply to skin, most importantly, it is naturally derived. It has no irritation to skin and without toxic side effects. Keep applying 2B Alternative For Leg for every days and nights on legs: After 2-4 weeks, it limits the release of catecholamines and can lead to the relaxation of facial muscles and possible reduction smooth the shape of legs. After 8 weeks, it explemify its benefit, as it is not only a cost-effective alternative to injections and surgical procedures, but also its reduction in intensity reduces and prevents the formation of dynamic wrinkles and shape the finest shape for the leg.

Aqua, Menthol essence, Lavender extract, Hyaluronic Acid, Argireline solution, Guarana Extract, L-carnitiue, Ginseng Extract

Continuously use for about 2~4 weeks, you can feel the improvement of skin elastic tissue and also the firmness of your skin surface. Also, it can achieve a better body shape and lines.

This review is actually quite overdue! I bought this product last year through because it was (still is) a very popular product in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and China. There are many Hong Kong celebrities, beauty editors and bloggers that are users of these 2B products. Stars such as Yeung Yi and Lily Ho are also the face of their products.

So anyways, I’ve been picking up slimming products again recently, so I think it’s quite fitting that I write this review now. I use the 2B Alternative for Leg (not Skirt Ready) and I’m happy to say that the reviews are pretty accurate. This product leaves my legs and skin feeling very moist. It’s not sticky so I can easily apply my clothes afterwards. Instead of a hot sensation, it actually gives a cooling effect.

As for the results, I do see that my skin firms up a bit around my thighs, but there’s not much slimming. (Maybe it’s because I only used up one bottle). My calves, however, are the same size after a bottle of use. To me, it’s very similar to the Sana gel that I have reviewed here previously. But I feel like the Sana one works better for the inner thigh areas. However, for its price, I would rather stick with the Sana one. I used this bottle up very quickly since it only contains 80ml of product. It cost around $20-$25 per bottle depending on where you purchase it. Overall, I really have wanted to love this product, but I only like it. For its price, I much rather get the Sana gel instead. Perhaps the Skirt Ready version will have a better effect than this one. However, for that bottle, it cost around $40 =(

If you are interested in trying this product out, you can purchase here.

Product (3/5)
Cost (3/5)
Ease of Use (5/5)
Packaging (4/5)


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