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Nail Art Design Strip ($10.00 / 18 Strips)
-Create salon-stye nail art at home with no dry time
-Dress up your nails with the hottest appliqués
-Easy on and easy off nail fashion
-Won’t smudge or rub off
-18 nail strips per package


Peel – Start with clean, dry nails. Select the best-fitting nail strip and remove from sheet.
Place – Place and press onto nail and smooth out. Gently pull excess strip over nail tip.
Perfect! – Use emery board to remove extra strip and shape to your nail.

I’ve had tried my share of these nail strips by various companies. (You can check out all my nail reviews here) So these new Avon Nail Art Design Strips are nothing new or surprising for me. It’s great that I don’t need to read the instructions anymore. I have taken a photo of the designs that are sent to me below: (These nail designs will not be available until July 2013)

What I like most is the unique designs. I especially love the 3D elements of these strips and the bow one is very cute! According to the media package that I was sent, it seems that there are a total of 19 designs. I really like Red Hot Lace, Denim Stars and Bows for You. Unfortunately I only received Bows for You so I’m saving that one for a special occasion for me to wear because it’s super kawaii.

I find that these are very similar to the Sally Hansen ones in texture and lasting power. They are very thin and easy to apply. They are also rather stretchy, which means that you can pull on them a little in order to get rid of any bumps. Of course, some designs are still more forgiving than others. As for lasting, I would say that it can last for 5-7 days but nothing more than a week. I find that like most stick on strips, it tends to peel off at the tips. Thus, it can be pricey considering it cost $10 for a week’s manicure. What I like to do with the extra strips, the ones that are too big for my finger nails? I usually use them on my toe nails for a pedicure as well! That way it’s not too expensive considering $10 for both a mani and a pedi is pretty decent. Here are two samples:

Very nice right? But you can see that in the first photo, some bumps are more noticeable than others. Available as of July 2013 through Avon Independent Sales Representatives, 1-800-265-AVON or online at www.avon.ca

Product (4/5)
Cost (4/5)
Ease of Use (5/5)
Packaging (4/5) – Nothing too fancy.