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Today I’m going to share with you all an embarrassing moment of mine. It was actually really hard to narrow it down to just one because being the klutz that I am, embarrassing situations are rather common. But here goes…

This happen when I was in university, I believe it was sometime between my first to my second year. But remember when jeggings first came into the fashion scene? (For those who are unfamiliar with the term jeggings, it’s just pretty much a fusion between a pair of jeans and leggings, you know those things that look like jeans but aren’t?) But anyways, it was the last class during the day and a friend came up to me and said “Are you wearing your jeggings backwards?”

The first thing that came to mind was “NO WAY!” But then I looked down and indeed I was wearing them backwards! I guess I didn’t flip them back when I took them out of the wash. And these jeggings looked so similar on the outside than they do on the inside. So this means that the tag was sticking out in the back and I hadn’t noticed for the entire day! I could feel myself slowly turning red and sweating on the inside. And guess what I said with a smirk on my face? “They’re supposed to be like that! It’s a new trend”

I was glad that I was able to hand the situation with ease and not breaking a sweat! (Even though I was dying on the inside!) Here’s another example of a sweaty situation brought to you by Lady Speed Stick! (Remember to scroll through to the bottom for GIVEAWAY details!)

Don’t Sweat it, HANDLE IT! Lady Speed Stick Power provides long lasting superior protection to help women feel dry and unstoppably fresh, enabling them to handle any sweat inducing situations that they may encounter.
Product Benefits:
• Long lasting superior protection†
• Tough invisible 24 hour protection
• Available in 4 different fragrances to keep you feeling fresh from morning to night

† vs. 20% required sweat reduction effectiveness

Ever been in a sweaty situation like mine? Well, here are two products that can keep you dry on the inside even when you’re sweating on the outside!

Lady Speed Stick Power in Cool Breeze
So what it claims is to reduce underarm wetness and stay active for 24H and it goes on invisible. And it does what it claims:
-It does give protection from underarm sweat all day and more.
-It applies as a white kind of substance and looks like wet powder when applied. It isn’t liquidy like some other deodorant products I’ve used.
-It doesn’t transfer on to your clothes.
-I also love the scent of this product. It’s called “Cool Breeze” but I think it smells more like very clean laundry.
-Comes with a plastic seal on top rather than it being just open like many others I’ve seen. I just feel like it ensures that the stick is more protected this way.

Lady Speed Stick Power in Fresh Fusion
This product pretty much has the same claims as the one above. However, this is in a gel formula and comes with 65g of product instead of the regular 45g.
-It’s a gel formula so it goes on invisible
-The product gives a refreshing feel when apply because of the formula.
-This deodorant has a much stronger scent than the previous one, if you are like me and is rather picky about their scents, I would stick with the previous one
-Unlike the previous product, it doesn’t come with the second cap. However, the first cap doesn’t fall off that easily in the first place so your product should be nicely protected

I always get to fascinated to see the gel formula squeeze out of the tube. Haha! I don’t know why! It looks so interesting, especially if it’s new.

If you are interested in purchasing these products, you can find coupons for these two Lady Speed Stick products here valid until May 25! Who doesn’t like to save money right?


SheBlogsMedia is hosting a really fun and easy giveaway for you guys! The prizes include 6 gift baskets filled with Lady Speed Stick products! Here’s a list of the goodies:
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It’s really simple to enter, all you have to do is click here and comment on the post with the answer to the question “what makes you sweat?”. It can be something as an embarassing situation or a blind date or your husband’s mother. Be creative! A winner will be chosen randomly. Contest is open to Canadian residents only.

Disclaimer: I was compensated but that these opinions are entirely your own.