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Konnichiwa asian beauty girls! In February 2013, Essence whisks you away to the far east with the trend edition “cherry blossom girl”. the color theme of this trend edition unites soft cherry blossom shades with strong red, bright yellow and cool black. the absolute it-piece: elaborately designed paper eyelashes that create a fabulous asia-look with a true wow-effect when combined with expressive eyeliner, intense red lips and softly shimmering skin!

Cherry Blossom Girl – Lipstick pencil
Cherry blossom lips! The intense and velvety matt finish in a strong red or trendy apricot turns this practical lipstick pencil into a true must-have item! In the photo I’m wearing 01 It’s Peach Not Cherry. Even though the lip pencils are very pigmented, I do notice that they are not very moisturizing. You can tell from the photos that my lips are very dried and it really emphasis the cracks/creases on my lips. I would highly suggest making your lips as smooth as possible before applying.
Available in 01 Cherry cherry girl and 02 It’s peach not cherry.
RRP: $2.49

Cherry Blossom Girl – Paper Lashes
Artistically designed paper lashes – the absolute highlight of this trend edition! And here’s how they work: simply apply the included glue to the lash band, position on the back third of your eye and press lightly to make your eyes shine in the hippest Asia style! This is my first time trying on paper lashes. While it is really nice and delicate, I do not think it look too flattering on my eyes. Maybe because I have taper eyelids, so it just looks like there are stuff sticking out at the corner of my eyes. (Refer the above photo) Plus, they are very hard to reuse since they are made out of paper. You will have to be super careful when removing them. Not to mention JL hated them! HAHA!
Available in 01 Hidden in sakura garden.
RRP: $3.49

Cherry Blossom Girl – Blush
Rosy cheeks! The multi-colour blush creates a fresh and rosy complexion and the cool embossed cherry blossom design is absolutely eye catching too! A beautiful blush for it’s price! The two colours blend so nicely together and the lighter colour can be used as a highlighter colour as well.
Available in 01 Asian sensation.
RRP: $2.99

Cherry Blossom Girl – Highlighter Pen
Eye-catcher deluxe! The fine, softly-shimmering texture in a light rose gives the area around your eyes the natural radiance of an Asian beauty. The highlighter pen comes with a twist mechanism and stands out for its easy application with the integrated brush.
Available in 01 Konnichiwa girls! I absolutely love this highlighter pen! It’s very easy to use and it has just the right amount of shimmer in it. I almost use it on a daily basis, I just really regret not purchasing a backup of this since it is a limited edition item! It works great on the bridge of the nose :)
RRP: $3.99

Cherry Blossom Girl – Shimmering Body Powder
Not just for Geishas! The subtly fragrant body powder with a decorative powder puff offers your face, neck and décolleté a fine shimmer for a radiant look. The pleasant flowery fragrance pampers your senses and whisks you away to the country of the rising sun. I’m usually not a huge fan of shimmer, I really like this body powder. I honestly feel like a vampire in Twilight after applying this on. I love using it when I’m going out with my girls on a Saturday night.
Available in 01 Hello glitty.
RRP: $3.49

Product (4/5)
Cost (5/5) – Essence is extremely affordable!
Ease of Use (5/5)
Packaging (4/5) – The shimmer body powder’s container is just a paper box.