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Perfect for natural nails! 28 Nail Strips in each pack; fits all nails and last up to a week. Goes on in minutes, off in seconds without remover. Cut up your leftover strips and use them as nail art.
What you’ll get:
-28 Strips (14 Sizes)
-Nail Design Booklet

Step 1: Select size that fits your nail
Step 2: Smooth and fold over edge
Step 3: File excess
Then you’re done! :)



Remember I tried the Sally Hansen Nails Strips and I HATED them? Well, here’s a surprise! I don’t LOVE these ones by Kiss Nails but I don’t hate them. First of all, I love the design! I really enjoy the extra colours and extra sparkles that are on each nail. The design is very suited for me because I always tend to like glitter polishes but of course the downside is that glitter polishes are so hard to remove. However, you do not have the same problem with these nail stickers. You can simply peel these ones off. Of course, if yours are too sticky then try using a Q-tip with some nail polish remover and dab some at the edge of the wrap. I find these to be thicker than the Sally Hansen ones and thus, lasts a bit longer than those ones. And you know what’s the best part? No drying time of course! :)

Now, why I don’t love these is because yes, even though they are easier to manage than the Sally Hansen ones, but I think my nail shapes are just not suitable for nail wraps/stickers/strips. I’m not sure if anyone else have the same problem, but my nails are actually not too flat. They are more rounded at the top and thus, it’s really difficult for me to make the sticker stay flat on my nails. The best analogy that I can come up with is like if you are trying to stick a huge sticker onto a ball. But of course my nails are not like balls, but you get the image. Therefore, it’s very hard to make it completely smooth. I think I will choose to stick with the tradition polishes.

Product (4/5)
Cost (4/5) – Around $8 CAD after tax for a one-time use item
Ease of Use (4/5) – I only took off a mark because my nails are just not suitable for any nail stickers
Packaging (5/5)