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Face Q Milk Moisturizing Foot Mask, having a 3D cutting, fit your feet shape perfectly and would not loosely fall during use even if your wear it to walk around. Mask size fits for foot size 9 and is therefore suitable for all girls and some boys. Mask is soaked in rich milk essence for renewing and rejuvenating dehydrated soles. It contains various natural egg white essence, beeswax and Shea which not only leaves skin feeling soft but also whitens the feet. Your feet will feel velvety smooth afterwards.

Roselle Sunflower – whitening, softening cuticle
Guarana – nourishment
Noni Fruit – moisturizing, repairing, soften cuticle
Echinacea – moisturizing
Willow Orchid – Minimize pores
White Tea – anti-aging, moisturizing

1. Cleanse your feet and dry them completely
2. Open the pack and tear them into two separate masks
3. Put them on your feet and remover the paper outside. Fix the mask with the sticker
4. Wait for 20-30 mins, remove the mask. No need to rinse off. Massage the remaining essence till your feet fully absorb them.

It’s so easy for us to give some love to our faces and hands, but it always seem to me that we tend to neglect the feet. Considering that we use them on a daily basis, I say they deserve some loving and special treatments from time to time. Sometimes, especially in winter, the sole of my feet can get very dry. And the more walking I do, the more calluses they will develop. Before the sandal season comes around, I thought it would be a good idea to start taking care of them now. There’s nothing more unpleasing than wearing a nice pair of sandals with cracked and dried feet.

I came across this foot mask by Face Q at my local T&T (an Asian supermarket) and it was $3.59 for one pair. It’s rather pricey for a one time use but since it’s for my feet, I’m willing to give it a try. The mask is very big, thus it’s suitable for girls and boys. When I first slip my feet inside the mask, I was shocked at the amount of serum that was inside. I felt like I was walking in cold water. Once seal, the mask really stays on. I walked around my entire house without having a problem. I left the mask on for 30 minutes and when I took it off, my feet was instantly soft. Now, my calluses was still there but they were a little softer than before. I might need to use this mask on a regular basis in order to fully get rid of my calluses.

Onto the downside, the mask is rather pricey. Considering it’s around $4 for a one-time use can prevent people from purchasing it. I’m waiting to see if they will eventually be selling these in a pack of 10 so that they may be a little cheaper. Have you tried any foot masks before? What are some of your recommendations? Let me know in the comments below!

Product (4/5)
Cost (3/5)
Ease of Use (5/5)
Packaging (5/5) – Very cute packaging!