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Last weekend, a few friends and I drove down to Niagara, New York to do some shopping for the day. It was more like a spontaneous trip rather than a thoroughly planned one. The good thing about living so close to the US border is that we can take the advantage of the sales in America. (It’s so surprising to see that the CAD and the USD are almost 1:1 but our prices in Canada are still on average 10% higher). Thus, it’s always better to shop at the States! :) We intended on visiting 2 outlet malls, however, we ended up just going to one due to a lack of time: Fashion Outlets of Niagara (& a nearby Target). It was a pretty rewarding trip and here are the stuff that I picked up: (I took the photos with my iPhone so please excuse the grains)

It actually doesn’t seem that much stuff, now that I’m looking over at the photo :) Hehe! But I really need to save up now if I want to make a trip to Asian this summer! ;)

My favourite purchase were probably these Marc by Marc Jacobs watches that I got at Fossil. They were having a buy one get one 50% off sale! The black & rose gold is so chic! I spotted that one instantly and knew I had to get it. Then the silver one followed after realizing that I probably need to replace mt very, very old Guess silver watch. I got both watch with tax for $180.

Seond favourite purchases, Isabelle Marant look-a-likes from Target! I’ve been DYING to get my hands on these! They have nothing like these in Canada and definitely not for that price. These babies only cost $34.99 each so I bought it in both colours. I can’t wait for the weekend so I can wear them! (I also picked up that black pair of flats from Target as well, for only $7)

Two more items from Target: Remington 1 inch hair wand (On sale for $21) and Aussie Moist Five Minute Miracle. I have heard really great things about this treatment but I don’t think they sell it in Canada. I tried to look for it in Walmart and Shoppers but couldn’t find it anywhere and I tried a few stores and few times too. So I picked it up at Target for $3. Can’t wait to test it out! :D

100% human hair eyelashes from Love Culture for only $2.50 each. I needed some new lashes and thought these were pretty reasonable for non-plastic lashes.

Finally I got these floral and mustard denim from Rue 21. I’ve been looking for floral bottoms and mustard coloured pants for so long. Glad to see them on sale for only $20 each. I want to wear them already! ;)