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Hey everyone! So last weekend, I went to the Mac/Estee Lauder makeup warehouse sale again at Markham Fairground. For those who are unfamiliar with the sale or not living in the Toronto area, you can get more information about them in my previous posts here & here & here. I really don’t wanna go through into explaining what it is. So please click on the links to find out more information.

This time, the sale was even more disappointing than in the last sale that I went to in March. I went on Saturday so maybe that’s why all the “good” products were gone. But overall, I wasn’t impressed. The prices have went up drastically, for example, Bobbi Brown cleansing oil use to be 2 bottles for $30 and now they are $25 for 1 bottle! RIDICULOUS! So here are the stuff that I had purchased:

Michael Kors x Estee Lauder Gift Set $35
So I was pretty happy to see some new brands being added to the sale, such as Michael Kors & Coach. I’m going to be honest….the only real reason why I had purchased this gift set is solely for the Michael Kors makeup bag. All the Estee Lauder x Michael Kors cosmetics, I didn’t really need. (I have too much makeup at the moment…) Plus, the two brushes are not very soft but they do have a very nice weight.

GoodSkin Labs Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift + Circle Reducer & Mac Lipstick
These were the other 2 things that I got: GoodSkin Labs Eyliplex-2 Eye Lift + Circle Reducer (2 for $25, which was cheaper than the first time when I had purchased it for $20 each), I did a review of this product and LOVED it so I bought it again. And the lipstick is the “free gift” of the day, which is a Mac lipstick in “Shy Girl”. It’s a pretty decent colour.

As for the charity bags, they had some candy-smelling perfume, which I was not a bit interested in! And it was $5 for a bottle and you can only purchase a maximum of 2 bottles = $10. (I think I went on a bad day!) Remember last March’s Dazzlesphere from their Holiday 2011 as the charity bags? Well, it was nothing like that this year! I didn’t get any! If you have blogged about the sale, please leave a comment below! I would love to see what you got!