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So today I’m finally going to be reviewing the much anticipated Essence x Twilight Breaking Down Part 2 nail polishes. I was really excited to try these nail polishes before not only were they really affordable, for only $1.99 each, but they looked so pretty in the bottle. I have always loved glitter polishes, however, these 3 are not for me. They are all a bit too dark and the glitter doesn’t really show up too well on my nails. Have a look below as I go into more details about each polishes.

01 Jacob’s Protection
This polish, I would say, it’s my favourite out of the 3 polishes. It’s a black base polish filled with tones of blue flecks. However, it’s actually a really thick nail polish but it’s such a pain to apply. It also saddens me that the sparkle is not really obvious once it’s on my nail. I am bias towards blue coloured polishes, so maybe that’s why I’m liking this the most. I just had much higher expectation for it.

04 Edward’s Love
This is my second favourite polish out of the 3. It has a black base polish filled with tons of silver flecks. I think the colour is very unique but once again the glitter is not very noticeable unless it’s under direct light. I had the most chipping with this polish. Within a day of wear, my nails had started to chip already. I do feel that the name is extremely fitting for Edward! ;)

02 Alice Had a Vision
The base is a deep and dark purple and it is filled with mainly purple flecks. It also has some green and blue ones. This is my least favourite out of the 3 because the colour is extremely dark. You can hardly notice the glitter. I remember reading on some blogs that this is the favourites for most girls, however, it just cannot compete the with other ones. I find the colour to be way too dark and not really that special. Feels like it’s just another purple polish.

Overall, I would say to skip these polishes. Even though they are only $1.99 but I just feel like they deliver the quality. I would have rather put the $6 that I had used on these polishes onto one nicer one. Let me know if there’s any great glitter polishes that you can recommend! :D

Product (1/5)
Cost (5/5)
Ease of Use (3/5) – Don’t like how thick the polishes are
Packaging (3/5) – For some reason, I have the hardest time using these brushes and I’m not really sure why!