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Today I’m going to be giving away two of the L’oreal home hair coloring kits (70 Pure Dark Blonde & LB01 Ultra Light Ash Blonde). I had received these two hair dyes during some of the L’oreal events in the past and I don’t think I’ll find a use for these colors. Since they are just going to be lying around my house anyways, I thought why not I give it to you girls (or guys) who may put these to a better use. Unfortunately, I’ll NOT be able to mail these out since they are bulky and weights quite a bit.

Of course, this giveaway is for my readers ONLY! So please comment on this post your google follower/bloglovin’ name. And if you are in the #Toronto area and wouldn’t mind picking these up from me, please feel free to email me: day–dreaming@hotmail.com and tell me which color you would like to have. It will be a first come first serve basis and please, two hair kits = two winners so don’t be greedy and ask for BOTH. Also, the location for the meet up will be of my convenience, if you cannot accommodate those areas, then I’ll give the prize to another person.