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Today I’m going to be talking about magnetic nail polish because they are the latest trend in nail design at the moment! I think almost ALL the nail polish brands have created some kind of magnetic polishes! And even KKCenterHK have now started to carry some magnetic nail polishes as well! What’s really neat about the store is that they even carry a magnetic stamp tool that’s especially designed for their nail polishes.

This is what I received from the company. I chose a darker purple color because it’s getting closer to Autumn and darker shades are becoming more popular. This is the tool I was talking about earlier. It’s a Magnetic Nail Polish Pattern Shaping Magnet. It has 3 pattern in 1 set and it comes with a small frame and bracket. It makes it very easy to adjust the height of the magnet to the shape pattern on the nails. It’s really cool because there’s enough space between the magnet so it will make sure that your nail will not tough the magnetic. I always find this to be such a problem when I’m using these polishes. So this tool is very useful!

After you have painted a generous coat of nail polish on, it’s time to put the nail under the stamp. Here are some tips for working with magnetic polishes:

-I find that you need a larger amount of polish in order for this to work.
-Remember that it will NOT work if your nail polish is dry, so make sure you stamp it BEFORE.
-You should leave it under the magnet for 5-15 seconds to make sure that the pattern will appear.
-Do not use a fast dry top coat because I noticed that the pattern will fade when a top coat is applied
-Do not touch the magnet with magnetic polish.

Here is the final result! Really pretty huh? Make sure to check out the rest of the magnetic nail polishes by KKCenterHK!