Jealousness diamond cat eye false lashes x baby queen stylish lower false lashes (kkcenterhk)

Hi everyone ~ Today I’ll be doing another review for false lashes! You can probably tell that I’m a huge FAN of falsies and I cannot live without them! They make such a huge when it comes to enlarging my eyes. One of my favorite places to shop for false lashes is kkcenterhk. They are a store that’s based in Hong Kong and stock up on anything from false lashes, unique nail polish, wigs, eye shadow palettes & etc! They have been a sponsor of my blog for over a year now and I have done plenty of reviews for them: you can see the previous reviews here & here & here & here & here!
This is Jealousness Diamond Beauty Series- Cat Eye Style (Single). They are composed of synthetic nylon fibers, which makes them extremely soft to the touch. They are really easy to apply and the band is very bendable. They are fuller on the outer corners of the lashes, which gives the eye an extra dolly effect. They remind me a lot of the Dolly Wink No 1 Dolly Sweet lashes because they both emphasize naturally dark eyes from the corner of the eye to the middle of the upper eyelid line. However, at only $5.95 USD, they are much cheaper than the Dolly Wink ones. These fake lashes increase volume and extends lengths at the end of the upper eyelid line. It presents a charming 3-D eye make-up. I also really like the packaging of these! It can be used repeatedly.

These are the Baby Queen 5 Series (5 Pairs) Stylish Lower False Eyelashes-522. I usually don’t wear false lashes for my bottom lashes because A) they can look really unnatural and B) they are a pain to put on! However, I had no problems with these ones! Not only is the band invisible but because they are thinner towards the inner corner thus, they are very natural looking. Baby Queen is a brand that’s designed in Taiwan and made in Vietnam. They are made of synthetic fibers and are 100% handmade! 5 pairs of those lower lashes are only $12.20! Amazing deal! And how can I not praise them for the packaging? A pink box is ALWAYS an eye-catcher!

I really do enjoy pairing these two pair of lashes together! They are so cute and dolly! It’s the perfect look for an otona look ~ Here are some more self shots with these lashes!

Overall, I’m super impressed with these new lashes from kkcenterhk. Not only do they have really cute packaging, which is different from the previous lashes that I have reviewed for them, but they are very good in quality! They are easy to use and looks very unique and pretty. These styles are very uncommon as well! (My circle lenses are from PinkyParadise)

Check out their store here!