Win $350 worth of styling products from misikko

Misikko is the one-stop online store for all hair products! They literally have EVERYTHING that you’ll ever need for your hair! They stock up on brands like UK’s BaByliss Pro, Corioliss, HANA Salon, CHI, T3 Tourmaline and many, many more! I have done several of reviews for the company in the past and I have always, always LOVED their customer service! (Check out my posts here & here & here)

Besides having great products, Misikko also really caters to their Canadian customers (like myself). Here’s why: Misikko ships to Canada with all brokerage and tax fees paid upfront. That means there are no additional fees to pay when your package arrives! US retailers normally charge Canadian customers a shipping & handling fee which is used to cover freight and packaging. Once the package arrives you are required to pay import taxes, to both the country and local province. You are then also required to pay brokerage to a third party for getting the package cleared by Canadian Customs. Canadian Residents are normally not notified of how much these taxes and brokerage fees cost until the package is out for delivery. Here at Misikko we eliminate the confusion and simplify the entire process. This means, NO HIDDEN FEES!!!!

So when I heard the news that Misikko is holding a “Dream Gift Package Giveaway” right now, I had to participate! There will be three winners so you have a good chance to win your dream package, worth $350! Here are the rules:

Pretty simple huh? Let me show you my “Dream Package” from Misikko!

1. Babyliss Pro Diamond Titanium Flat Iron and Dryer Set $169.99 – Babyliss Pro Diamond Titanium dryer provides superior heat conductivity with 6 heat and speed settings. Maximum far-infrared heat that penetrates hair gently to dry from within. This will achieve unparalleled styling and provide the best health benefits for your hair. 2 in 1 deal! These two items are probably the most grabbed hair styling tools for me. I use a blow-dryer and a hair straightener almost on a daily basis. So this deal is quite amazing for me! Plus, I really, really need a new blow dryer! The one that I have in my house right now is, no jokes, over 10 years old! I have heard that a good blow-dryer makes all the difference in the world to your hair; I really want to test this theory out.

2. Toppik Hair Building Fibers – Blonde .36 Oz $24.99 – Toppik instantly builds builds your hair with natural keratin protein fibers. You will see a fuller head of hair in seconds! The biggest struggle that I have with my hair is the volume. I have very, very flat hair (I blame the Asian genes), thus, this is exactly what I need to achieve the fuller hair that I want. This can be used on dry hair and all I have to do is shake liberally over thinning areas and then gently pat hair to disperse fibers.

3. Macadamia Deep Repair Masque – 8.5 oz $28.99 – The Macadamia Natural Oil line of haircare products combine two of the world’s rarest, most valuable oils to provide the ultimate in hair rejuvenation and maintenance. I love using deep repair masks as my conditioner because they are SO much better at smoothing out my hair. Many Youtube gurus have given great reviews to this brand of products and thus, I’m really excited to see what a difference it can make to my hair.

4. Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment – 100ml $48.95 – Moroccan oil has a unique quality of instant absorption into hair, creating an instant shine and long term conditioning without leaving any residue. I don’t think this product needs any introduction because it’s already so famous! Apply to damp or dry hair before drying or styling to leave your hair feeling smooth and shiny.

5. HANA Styling Iron Cleaner (6 oz) $22.99 – The Hana Styling Iron Cleaner is safe for use on professional flat iron plates, curling iron barrels and other stylers. Use it on ceramic, tourmaline, titanium and gold to remove caked on or burnt-on residue from styling products – use after every use for best results to prevent tough build-up. Safe and non-toxic. I need this in my life because no only am I such a messy person, but this is good for ensuring that my hair tools will last a lifetime!

6. It’s a 10 Miracle Leave-In Product – 10 oz $34.99 – This product truly is a miracle product, as it does 10 amazing things for your hair: it repairs, adds shine, detangles, controls frizz, seals & protects hair color, prevents split ends, stops hair breakage, creates silky hair, enhances natural body, and protects hair from thermal heat. I’m always constantly looking for a new leave-in. Once again hearing great things about this item, I decided to add it into my wish-list. The item does sound promising! Have any of your girls tried this before? Let me know your thoughts on it if you have!


Just a bit under $350. If I could, I want to utilize the rest of the $19 as well! Haha! Now time for the final step, add the link of this post to the Misikko facebook page! Let me know if you are joining this giveaway as well, I would love to read your hair post! :D