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L’Oreal Paris gave me a star treatment last Saturday! I sat in the chairs of their Official Beauty Experts for a one-on-one consultation using L’Oreal Paris’ newest makeup and hair products in their Star Station at Luminato, Toronto’s premier Festival of Arts + Creativity. I learned celeb-inspired beauty trends for summer straight from the latest Red Carpets including the Cannes International Film Festival 2012 and how to adapt these looks for every day life.

You can play “Spin the Wheel” as you enter the L’Oreal tent. You can win anything from a free makeover to free products to event tickets. It’s pretty neat! I tried my luck that day and won a free product.

These were the items that you can choose from if you win a free item. I chose another Infallible Eye-shadow as my prize! :D

Some girls getting their makeover ~ They all walk out of the tent looking so fabulous!

Amazing deal going on right now on Well.ca along with L’Oreal & Luminato. Check the sale out here!

This is before the official Make-up Artist for L’Oreal Canada, Eddie Malter and Official Hair Artist and Colourist, Eric Del Monaco shared their personalized tips and pro techniques with me. (Especially tips for the summer). I didn’t have any eye makeup on or had any styling done to my hair.

Hair Session with Eric Del Monaco

I felt so special that Eric called Gina (L’Oreal Paris Beauty Correspondent) over to help hold on to my hair as he placed in the pins.

AND THIS IS THE FINAL RESULT ~ So stunning right? :) Can’t you see how shocked I was as I looked in the mirror? (Eric blinked in this photo)

Thank you JL for being my photographer for the day!

Makeup Session with Eddie Malter

Learning about the different types of BB Cream that will be coming out in July

Some of the new products that will be coming out next month! I’m SUPER excited for the NEW BB CREAM! :D

I’m so excited for these lipsticks!!

Mixing 3 different lip colors together!

AND THE FINAL RESULT! I’m loving the lip colour!

Thank you Eddie Malter and Eric Del Monaco! You guys are AMAZING!

A quick close up of the makeup! I love the highlight just right underneath the eye!

The Goodies

I’m going to be testing these products out and I’ll be reviewing them very shortly! My goal is to tell you how I feel about these NEW products before they come out next month! I can’t wait! :D

For those who are in Toronto, you will have the time to check out the L’Oreal Star Station at the Luminato, which runs from June 8 – 17, 2012.