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K-Palette Real Lasting Eyeliner 24h WP (Limited Edition) helps draw incredibly delicate eyelines and effectively ensures long hold, as if the lines were tattooed on the eyes. It is strongly waterproof, sweat-proof and sebum-proof. However, it can be easily and thoroughly removed with warm water. This pink version of the eyeliner is an limited edition one, which comes with bonus skincare performance, including grape seed extract and hyaluronic acid for skin nourishment.

Draw along the eyelid to brighten up your eye.

【Vitis Vinifera】conditions skin.
【Hyaluronic Acid】strongly hydrates.


Both of these eyeliners are both of the most famous Japanese eyeliners that mostly people know. Since I use a liquid eyeliner on a daily basis, I’m constantly on a search for new ones! Dolly Wink have been my favourite liquid eyeliner for the past 2-3 years (read my first review of the Dolly Wink liner here) and it was only around a year ago that I started to use the K-Palette one. Since I own both of these, I decided to write a Versus post about these two liners. Continue on reading to find out which one I prefer…

Box Packaging
Even with the limited edition box, I think the K-Palette box packaging is not as cute or attractive as the Dolly Wink one. Must give Tsubasa (益若つばさ) some credits for making her makeup brand’s packaging so adorable! +1 point for Dolly Wink!

Product Packaging
Once again, K-Palette cannot beat Dolly Wink! With the baby pink and polka dots packaging, I really can’t resist giving another point to Dolly Wink! It’s really cute and sweet and truly different than other regular eyeliners! +1 point for Dolly Wink

Precise Tip

It’s almost same! As you can tell from the photo, the Dolly Wink liner is just a bit sharper than the K-Palette one. This makes it a lot easier to draw a wing line with it than with the K-Palette one. However, the race is still pretty close. The K-Palette felt tip is still a lot better than most of the other brands in the makeup world. +1 Dolly Wink


This is a draw for me. Both of these liners are extremely pigmented and with one swipe, the color is extremely dark and rich. Draw!

K-Palette’s eyeliner original price is 1200Yen, whereas Dolly Wink’s eyeliner original price is 1280yen. However, I know that the price can vary when you are trying to get the product outside of Japan. For example, K-Palette costs US $14.10 on SASA.com and Dolly Wink is US $13.50. I know prices vary when you search for it on various websites. So I would consider this a draw!

Long Lasting
This is the deciding factor for me! The point will have to go Dolly Wink. I find that even though they are both very pigmented, the Dolly Wink liner last a LOT longer on my eyelids than the K-Palette one. The K-Palette liner definitely does not last for 1 day, which is very disappointing. I find that on average the Dolly Wink liner can last for over 5 hours without touch up, while I will have to touch up my eye within 2 hours when I use the K-Palette liner. +1 point Dolly Wink

Dolly Wink wins by taking 4/6 points. However, bare in mind though, the eyeliners are really, really similar. Dolly Wink works better for me, but that doesn’t mean K-Palette is a bad eyeliner. I would still recommend the K-Palette liner if you didn’t like the Dolly Wink one. The Dolly Wink one is cute, precise and provides an intense and long-lasting result, thus, it’s a winner in my book! I have yet to find a liquid liner that can beat it. Do you know any products that can challenge the Dolly Wink liner? Please let me know!

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    Have you tried etude house brusb liner? Please try and review. Thx