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Dolly Wink series are for all the girls who always want to look young and pretty no matter how old we are. Large attractive eyes with gorgeous lashes makes us happy! This series is produced by Tsubasa Masuwaka, the charismatic fashion model amoung all ages in Japan!

Natural separate type false lashes. It is longer and thicker at the center. It creates more impressive, sweet-looking eyes. Do not cut the false lashes. Attach the thick part of the lashes right above the iris of your eye.

1. Gently curl the lashes with an Eyelash Curler.
2. Gently peel off the False Eyelashes from the plastic platform. Right lash is in the case marked “R” and left marked “L”.
3. Soften the band of False Eyelashes for 10 seconds to give it a curve.
4. Using the tip of the cap, create a small hole on the adhesive tube. Apply a few drops of Eyelash Adhesive to the bottom edge of the False Eyelash.
5. Wait 5-6 seconds for the Adhesive to begin to dry.
6. Apply the False Eyelashes along upper lash line working from the outside corner of the eye inwards. Wait for the adhesive to dry completely before applying makeup.



I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOO in love with this pair of lashes! (More than the first pair of Dolly Wink lashes that I had reviewed here) What I find to be really unique about this brand of lashes is that the strands are made out of fine Nylon, so they look very real. With some false lashes that are made out of plastic, I find that it can look a bit fake. These lashes are also very light weight so they will not weigh your eyes down. It almost feels like I’m not wearing any false lashes at all ~

You know what else is really good about these lashes? They are not reflective on camera! The lash band is not too obvious and simply eyeliner can cover it up. I love it when the band are invisible because it makes the lashes look so much more natural. Plus, it’s not too difficult to bend the band as well so that it’ll fit the shape of my eyes. The thick part near the middle emphasizes the middle of the eye and makes it look wider which I really love.

Of course the downsides of these lashes are the price tag and also the availability of them. These lashes can range from $13-$20 USD depending on where you purchase them. It can add up to quite a bit considering there’s only two pair of lashes. However, with one set of pair, You can use up to 3 months with good care. Once removed from your eyelids, gently remove the leftover glues from the fake lashes using your nails, then keep it in the box. Believe me this is a very easy process and it ensures that you can get the most wear out of these lashes.

You can purchase Dolly Wink lashes from here & here & here & here

Product (5/5)
Cost (3/5)
Ease of Use (5/5)
Packaging (3/5)