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For those who follow my Twitter have probably seem so many retweets of what I’m about to share with the rest my readers! Notebook of Love is probably one of my favourite tweet-person-account to follow! Now I’m not advertised or being paid to tell you all about this account, I just want to share some quotes that I have really touched my heart. They have also been such an encouragement for me in the past few days, (I don’t want to retweet them all) so check them out:

A girl should never forget that she doesn’t need anyone who doesn’t need her.

Love doesn’t hurt, loving the wrong person does.

Love could be set in motion quickly, but true love needs time to grow into something strong and enduring.

Don’t forget to pray tonight because God didn’t forget to wake you up this morning.

In life, you’re going to be left out, talked about, lied to, and used, but you have to decide who’s worth your tears and who’s not!

Don’t lower your standards to ‘keep’ anyone, if they’re not making you happy, it’s time to find someone who does.

Never shed a tear for someone who isn’t there to wipe them away.

Best advice in two lines: “Silence is the best answer for all questions” “Smiling is the best reaction in all situations”

I’m not invincible or unstoppable, but I stay strong because it’s the only way to survive in this world.

If your relationship has more issues than your magazine, you need to cancel your subscription.

Nobody has a perfect life. Everybody has their own problems. Some people just know how to deal with it in a perfect way.