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These lens were send to me by Shoppingholics for review purposes, which means that I do not monetary compensation for it. Everything I say about these lenses is of my 100% honest opinion. All lenses provided on this site are guaranteed 100% authentic. I’m so excited to share this review with you all! Thank you so much Shoppingholics!! :D

Japan Barbie Circle Eye(Ring) Gray

Japan Barbie Circle Eye(Ring) Gray
Brand: Barbie Eye
Power Available : 0.00 to -8.00
Diameter : 15.8mm
Base Curve : 8.6mm
Water Content : 48%
Life Span : 1 Year

Price for each pair: $21.90 USD (ON SALE)

I’m really loving the packaging! I have never seen circle lenses come in such a cute box before! It perfectly fits the vials inside! So adorable!


I have never tried this brand of lenses before until this pair. My impression so far is pretty good. Now, I don’t love these lenses, but I do like them. These lenses have a swirl design combined with a natural grey color that perfectly blends with your natural eye color. These series have a delicate black ring with fine tiny lines that encircle the outer ring.

First, they are extremely comfortable and there are no signs of blurring. My eyes are not dry even after 5-6 hours of wear. Second, I also really like the fact that they are more natural looking and thus, I can wear them when I teach. I think I’ll really freak my students out if I wear any other lenses that are more extreme. Haha ~ Another advantage about these lenses is that they go up to -8.00 in power, which is pretty high considering that most circle lenses only goes up to -6.00. So those of you with not as good eye-sights can take an advantage of these.

Now, even though the design of these lenses is pretty unique but it’s hardly noticeable against my eyes. Especially in a normal indoor lighting without flash, my eyes just look grey. I’m a little bummed about this because I really wanted the design to give my eyes that extra “pop”. Plus, even though these are 15.8 mm in diameter, I don’t find them to be too enlarging. The Geo Princess Mimi are definitely better at enlarging the eyes even though they are only 15mm. What do you think about these lenses?

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Product (4/5)
Cost (5/5)
Comfort (5/5)
Packaging (5/5) – So adorable!