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Back in the Edo period (1600-1900), Sakaya (liquor shop) began serving alcohol and providing a place to stay and drinking. (There is another supposition that soba ya, buckwheat noodle shop, began serving alcohol with their food including otsumami.) During this period, the number of single men is a lot higher than women, izakaya became a popular place and spread into the society easily as a casual dining space to share not only drink and food, but also their life stories. Compare to pub or bar, the food is more substantial and accompany to drinks.

Great atmosphere, great food and a great time! I’ve always been a really big fan of Guu ever since its first opening in Toronto back in 2009. It’s great that I was able to bring my two favourite girls from my Japanese class to Guu last night. We had a blast! :)

Favourite girls from my Japanese class, Liz リズ & Shirley シャーリー

Cold Sake 冷酒


Kinoko Bibimbap キノコビビンバ
Takoyaki たこ焼き
Gomaae ごまあえ
Ikapiri いかピリ

I forgot the name of this dish, but it’s something like chicken skewers.

My favourite dish! Kabocha Korokke かぼちゃコロッケ

Our after-eating drinks: Matcha Coco 抹茶ココ & Ume Mojito 梅モヒート


Enjoying our last drink just before leaving!

Location: 398 Church Street
Toronto, ON
M5B 2A2
(416) 977-0999

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