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Kultura is a tasteful place nestled among the city’s finest restaurants. Boasting three floors, four rooms, two lounge bars, a private dining hall and an impressive three hundred fifty-person capacity, the elegant eatery personifies style, artistic flair and presents a welcoming social atmosphere. Mixologists and an incredible Tapas menu transforms a beautiful venue into the Toronto HOT spot.

Seats up to 200 in four different rooms, The menu is diverse with Global offerings that include anything from Italian to Asian-fusion dishes, seafood, Steaks, desserts and more. Beautiful to behold, Kultura Restaurant bills itself as a spot for “social dining” with tapas/small plates of exceptional food that take diners on an endlessly inventive and inspired world tour.

Yesterday, I was invited to Kultura for food tasting event at the restaurant. When I had first entered the restaurant, I was instantly captivated by the decor. It was stunning! Kultura had a great atmosphere and a unique structure. Instead of spanning across horizontally, the restaurant actually consisted of 3 floors. Not only did I have a memorable experience, but I got the chance to meet Chef Bernadette Calpito and co-owner Frank Nyilas as well.

Our wine glasses (Feat: Joyce & Rica)

As we were waiting for our food to be served, we ventured up onto the third floor to see the private dining room. The private dining room is intimate yet stunning and has housed many film festival parties, birthday parties and high level corporate dinners. The room can comfortably seat 35 and provide standing room for 80 people. It has its own bar and three private washrooms. Take a look below:

I couldn’t resist taking a small outfit photo when I saw those HUGE mirrors against the wall! Haha! #Vain. I was wearing my new hot pink leggings, which didn’t look that pink against that lighting.

Now onto the foooooooood! This is the new menu that Kultura had to offer. The menu embraces cuisine without borders. Food concepts are reinterpreted and redressed for all to share and explore. Instead of a set path, Kultura offer many temptations to create your own shared culinary journey. (Note: most of the food items shown here were only bite sizes. Actual portion would be larger)

Tempura Sushi – gravlax salmon, wasabi aioli, tobiko, escavinche, avocado, spicy mayo $18

Hamachi Tataki – Sesame ginger crust, white soy sauce, spicy wakame salad $15

Chai Black Cod – golden daikon, ginger bok choy, squid ink tapenade, chai tea glaze $25
Pork Belly Tacos – taro root, pineapple cilantro slaw, pickled red onion $16

Mediterranean Chicken Samosa – asiago, sage, spiced apple gari chutney $11

Spiced Lamb Rack – sesame dust, smoked dashi, tempura jalapeno $24

Asian Beef Tartar – spring roll shell, thai chili, spring onion, dijon aioli, ponzu dressing $14

Palak Paneer Naan – truffle oil, jalapeno, peppered honey $9

Joyce and I.
I didn’t take too much photos that night because there wasn’t enough time between stuffing our faces with the amazing food and socializing. Haha! Michele and her boyfriend, Anthony, were there as well but all the photos of her are on her camera.

Finally, I’m going to end with this quote: “Fiji water tastes just like regular water!” – Rica (That made my night! Haha ~)

169 King Street East
Toronto, ON
(416) 363-9000