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Koji Dolly Wink Eyelash Fix comes in an ultra thin brush which allows precise application for your false lash, even if you are a newbie in using false eye lash, you can handle it easily. This eyelash fix can be used for normal false lashes or partial lashes for specific purposes. It is blended with lipid and rose essence which is mild and gentle to skin.

1. Take appropriate amount and glide it onto the false lash, make sure the two ended of the lash are also covered.
2. You can apply the false lash when the adhesive is semi-dry.

Contains plant type Ceramide and Rose extract to provide moisture to prevent your eyelids from getting irritations.

Yes, you read correct. I’m suggest you to please skip this product. //Sigh// I was really disappointed when I started to use this glue last summer and thus, have put off the review until now. Now, let me begin to explain why I think there are better alternative glues on the market. It’s not a bad eyelash fix, but it’s definitely not the best that I have used. And for the price, you can definitely get better glue.

First, even though the packaging is the CUTEST thing of all time, but I absolutely hate the applicator! I think maybe cause I’m so use to the tub applicator, that I actually find the brush to be really, really annoying. It just doesn’t allow enough glue to be placed on the false lashes properly. The brush is just too soft and doesn’t distribute the glue evenly. Plus, the glue is very watery so it doesn’t make it any easier.

Second, the glue is not very long lasting. By mid-day, I always find the the ends of my false lashes will start to come off. It got so annoying at one point that I had to carry this glue with me just for touch up. I guess this can be see as a good thing to some people because it will be easy to take off. Thus, less harmful for your skin. However, I just find it really annoying because the point of an eyelash fix is to ensure that your lashes stay in place! My favourite eyelash glue of all time is still the one by Shu Uemura. I have also tried Duo eyelash fix before, but I still like the one by Shu Uemura better. You can read my comparisons between these two eyelash glues here.

Now there are some good things about this glue. It dries really, really quickly! Much quicker than most eyelash glues that I have tried previously. Plus, even though the glue is white in colour, it dries clear. So it disappears after a few minutes. However, of course these pros about the glue is still not sufficient to make this glue an HG (Holy Grail) item for me. Also, it’s really hard to find this glue in North America, besides maybe ordering it online or purchasing it from an Asian store. So I would just save my money and buy the Shu Uemura one for the same price.

Product (2/5) – Points for being very quick to dry
Cost (3/5) – It’s around $11-$15 on Ebay, which is the same price as the one by Shu Uemura
Ease of Use (3/5) – I do not like the applicator
Packaging (5/5) – Very cute!

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credit: sasa.com