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So two days ago I blogged here about attending the Muchfact Year End Screening. I was fortunate enough to walk away with some amazing goodies from that night. I promised that I would show you all what I got, so here you are! :D

What I took Home…

Time to look inside the huge Bench bag!

Wow wow! So much good stuff! It includes a Lomography analogue workshop, HMV digital gift-card, Skintimate moisturizing cream shave, some mint chocolate snowballs and a bag of Popchips.

What are Popchips? Think popped! Never fried. Never baked. Delicious, all-natural, healthier. that’s popchips. The flavour was Salt & Pepper. As you can tell, I couldn’t resist opening it and trying it out during the photo-shoot! Salt & fresh ground pepper – the adam and eve of flavor without the guilt!

They also included a sample size of Lady Speed Stick Fresh Infusions (Strawberry Slash) and a QUATTRO FOR WOMEN® DISPOSABLES with Skintimate Raspberry Rain scented handles! I feel like these products are so HG for all women! Who doesn’t want smooth legs and smells fresh? The Strawberry Slash Speed Stick smells just like strawberry candies! I love it!

It’s so not cool to be smelly!

Included in the swag bag is the latest issue of Dress to Kill fashion magazine. Launched in 2008, Dress To Kill magazine is a Canadian fashion quarterly for women and men who are fashion savvy. They strive to bring innovative and creative fashion and beauty images to their readers by working with innovative talents who push the boundaries. Dress To Kill profiles the best in art, fashion, beauty, design and music of the moment.

Lastly and my favourite item, a Rainbow Watch in Flaming Orange. I’ve always been a huge fan of big jelly watches, I think I own about 3 pairs of jelly watches, so when I saw this in the bag I was ecstatic! It’s really neat because you can design your own watch on the Rainbow Watch website and it only cost $25 per watch, so it’s a really great deal! I can’t wait to wear this out!

Thank you to all the sponsors!