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I’m ringing in the new year with some new products that I purchased yesterday. For those who follow my twitter would know that I started the first day of my final semester yesterday and after class, I decided to stop by Vaughan Mills to do some shopping with JL. I was originally going to just pick up 5 nail polish from American Apparel but I ended up getting a few more things.

So these are the 5 nail polishes that I picked up from AA. I had purchased one of those Teambuy coupons for American Apparel a few weeks ago. They had an American Apparel nail polish deal where you can get 5 bottles for only $15 CAD! That’s amazing comparing to their retail price, which is $7/bottle or 3 for $18! I was so excited for the Neon colour nail polishes when I had first seen them on Sandra. So I picked up Neon Yellow, Neon Green, Supernova, Meteor Shower and Sunshine State. Can’t wait to get these on my nails!

Then I went to Stylesense and I was sadden to see the “Store Closing” sign! ARGH! Stylesense is honestly one of my favourite stores of all time because they have a great selection of shoes, purses and accessories for great prices! (You can see some of my purchases from this store here and here.) It’s the sister company of Winners and Marshalls. Thus, they are having an additional 20% off sale on all their merchandises! So I picked up these two sunglasses (Coach and Furla) for $49.99 and with an extra 20% off it came out to $45 each after taxes. That’s such a steal!

Last stop we went to T&T because I needed to get new shampoo. The one that I was using by Matrix was making my hair super, duper dry! Honestly, the shampoo and conditioner that you use on a daily basis really makes a HUGE difference! Once I switch back to the Shiseido one, my hair was instantly better! Then I saw the Kose mask on sale so I had to grab those as well because my face has been so dry lately due to the cold weather. I use up a sheet almost every single day. Shiseido Suibun Aquair Moist Hair Pack $13.99 per bottle (shampoo & conditioner) and KOSE Clear Turn White with Collagen and with 12 Different Extracts $7.99/5 sheets. (Review of these products will be posted later)