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Being the huge photography geek that I am (check out my photography), I couldn’t be more excited when I received the invitation to Lomography’s new camera launch party last Thursday. The launch party was held at the Lomography store, located at 536 Queen St West in Toronto. I had already seem of the new cameras through the internet, but I couldn’t wait to see them in person.

Glad to have spend the night with my two girlies, Rica and Joyce! It just wouldn’t have been the same without them!

Had enough of tacky pink hearts and clichéd cuteness? Feel your inner beast craving for some wild action? Steer yourselves away from saccharine-sweetness and take a bolder approach this Valentine’s Day. Without further delay, here are the new products that Lomography launched that night:


Named after one of South America’s longest rivers, Orinoco Ochre is guaranteed to give you analogue satisfaction that will last a lifetime. Striking in snakeskin, this La Sardina Animal Edition will make heads turn while you’re snapshooting. With features such as incredible wide-angle lens, rewind dial for easy photo remixing, an MX switch for simple multiple exposures, and a compact body wrapped in a golden suit, Orinoco Ochre will make your analogue heart beat faster.

Additional Information Features:
• Mindblowing Wide-Angle Lens
• Rewind Dial that makes multiple exposures easier than ever before!
• Fritz the Blitz Flash attachment
• Film cartridge window on the rear of camera – to see what film you’re shooting
• Easy-to-use focusing with two simple settings
• Bulb setting for night-time and long-exposure experimentation
• Screw-in Cable Release Option
• Incredible collection of unique La Sardina editions – a design for every mood and occasion
• Comes with a special open-bound book to serve as your inspiration
• Takes 35mm film


Diana Mini & Flash – Leopard

Fall in love with Diana Mini Leopard, Lomography’s petite plastic princess. Packing fantastic features in such a tiny package, this versatile camera is perfect to take when you’re on the prowl.

The Diana Mini delivers the same dreamy and soft-focused shots many have come to expect from the Diana family. But aside from this signature quality, the Diana Mini Leopard offers more features that will make you fall head over heels. Using standard 35mm film, this compact camera takes lovely shots in two different formats: square or half-frame. And with the Diana F+ Flash thrown into the mix, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to experiment with your photography.

Fisheye No.2 – Python
This is so much better than my original Fisheye 2 camera! Super jealous! Slither your way to a spectacular analogue experience with the Fisheye No. 2 Python. With its stunning snakeskin design, this camera’s 170-degree perspective will surely take you on a wild ride.

We are proud to present Fisheye No.2 Python, a compact fisheye camera that is sure to give you more fun that you’ve ever imagined. Leaving the forest behind and ready to conquer your photographic life, this special edition camera is equipped with premium glass fisheye lens that will record your world in mindblowing 170 degrees! Add to that a built-in electronic flash, a real fisheye viewfinder, a hot shoe for an external flash, and a bulb setting for amazing long exposures – this camera will capture not only amazing images but also your heart!

Diana F+ Zebra
Galloping its way out of obscurity and entering your analogue dream world, the Diana F+ Zebra is set to chronicle all your escapades. With its signature soft-focus and lo-fi appeal, this medium format wonder will truly sweep you off your feet.

Graceful and gorgeous in green, the Diana F+ Zebra will take you on a wild adventure. This reincarnation of the 1960’s cult classic is not only dressed to impress, it also boasts cool features that will take your breath away. Aside from the dreamy squares it’s known all over the world for, the Diana F+ can also take pinhole and panoramic shots. Its compatibility with a wide range of Diana+ accessories makes this medium format marvel the perfect match for the experimental Lomographer.

Here are some more cameras that I need to get my hands on! These would honestly make perfect Valentine’s present rather than the typical roses and chocolate! *Hint hint*

Diana F+

So many different colours and styles! It’ll please anyone! I especially love the GOLD coloured one though! Super cool!

Diana Mini

These also comes in a huge selection! I really need to get my hands on of these as well! They are so tiny that I can just throw one into my purse and carry it with me at all times!

Fisheye No 2

I don’t think this camera needs any introduction! You can see some photos that I took with this camera here.

Cybersampler Chrome & Oktomat

I also have a camera that’s very similar to these (check it out here). When you release the shutter, they’ll take 4-8 continuous shots. So in the photo, you’ll see the split frames! Super fun and the results are never what you expect! ~

Lubitel 166+

I’ve wanted this camera for quite some time now! I have still yet to add a TLR to my collection! *Must save up to get this!*

La Sardina

Don’t you love the sardine can design? It’s actually made out of metal!

Here are some more random photos from that night:

Thank you Lomography for reviving film photography!

credit: lomography.ca