Diamond lash in dolly eye (#3 ドーリー eye) review

Diamond Lash is a Japanese brand popular with many of the EGG models (EGG is a Japanese fashion magazine for those into GAL fashion). Also, according to Popteen Magazine, this is the No.1 favorite lashes among the Popteen Models.

The Diamond Lashes has 4 series in total:
~ 1st series – The original line in the hot pink box – for a girly/dolly look
~ Glamour Series – These lashes come in the purple box and add more drama for nighttime looks
~ Pure Series – The baby pink box for ‘everyday’ natural beauty
~ Volume Series – The baby blue box for full and luxe looking lashes

The ones that I will be reviewing is from their original series, #3 Dolly Eye for upper lashes.

Use with your favourite lash glue. I would use the Shu Uemura adhesive just because it’s the BEST! :D Read my review of the lash glue here!



First off, I LOVE these lashes! Like LOVE, LOVE! One of the TOP sellers of the line in Japan, Dolly Eye lashes have become my everyday go-to lash! These lashes are SO natural! I really understand why they are so popular among Japanese girls! These lashes are a mixture of criss-cross lashes with sections of long lashes. If you look closely, you’ll notice that the lashes taper in at the inner corners, which will blend with your natural lashes really easily. Like all of my lashes, I still have to trim the ends a little just so it wouldn’t hang out too much. Plus, I have tapered eyelids, so trimming the lashes will make them fit better on my eyes.

The lashes are quite comfortable and the band is not stiff at all. The best part? You can re-use these lashes over and over again! I’ve been using the same pair consistently for the past 1.5 week now (on a daily basis) and they are still as firm as before! There are no signs of shedding even when I rinse them out every night. The price is also pretty reasonable. Many online stores sell this brand of lashes for $15 USD – $23 USD for 5 pairs, which works out to around $3-$5. This is a LOT cheaper than other Japanese false lashes, such as Dolly Wink or Eyemazing. I would recommend getting them off of Ebay (that’s where I purchased mine) or from Shoppingholics. If you want to know which Ebay seller I got the lashes from, please contact me on twitter or facebook and I’ll let you know!

Here’s one more self-absorbed photo! Hehe! I finally did a full photo shoot using my new ring light~ and I’m really loving the colour balance! Thank you boyfriend! Definitely the best birthday present ever! Hehe! :D

Product (5/5)
Cost (4/5) – Not the cheapest but still pretty affordable!
Ease of Use (5/5) – Love how I can reuse these over and over again!
Packaging (5/5) – Simple and chic!