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New York! Even though I was just here a year ago, again with Ada, I could not help but be captured by this city all over again. I think there’s just something magical about all the glittering lights from the billboards and the overall joy that just seeps out of the cracks. I especially love seeing myself on the Forever 21 billboard! Haha! I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see Central Park due to a lack of time, but visiting Time Square and Wall Street was still worthwhile. We stopped out Woodbury and 2 other outlets again. Though it was around Boxing Day, the sale was still not as good this year and most of the products were not very . But I did score a new Marc by Marc Jacobs and Furla bag for pretty decent prices. Then a few things from Forever 21, Juicy Couture, Urban Outfitters, Nine West and Gap. I also picked up some accessories from Rue 21, but I had forgotten them in the photograph. Haha! Anyways, tell me about your Boxing Day adventures in the comments! I want to read all about it!

PS, for those who are wondering, Ada is actually my aunt visiting from Hong Kong.