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Bdellium (pronounced with a silent “b”) Tools are designed by a group of talented makeup brush experts in Cerritos, California. Our products are truly handmade, all of our products are custom tailored at our factory by skilled artisans in China.

We create each brush using a balance of natural and/or synthetic hair to achieve the perfect amount of form and stiffness compatible with the function each brush is designed for. Our 4 different product lines have very distinctive features: Maestro Series features a collection of luxurious antibacterial makeup brushes with nickel plated brass ferrules. Green Bambu Series features eco-friendly makeup brushes with all sustainable bamboo handles and all vegan soft synthetic bristles and an anodized aluminum ferrule. Studio and Travel Lines feature antibacterial makeup brushes with the classic 7 layer lacquered yellow handle with an anodized aluminum ferrule.

This is the Bdellium Tools stand at IMATS 2011 Toronto. Let me make a confession: though I own a set of Sigma Brushes and have some other random brushes from here and there, I RARELY TOUCH THEM! It’s more like a laziness thing so most of the time I just use a sponge applicators for my foundation and *ashamed to say* my fingers for eye-shadows! Yes, that’s how lazy I usually get in the morning.

So I was so happy to have come across Bdellium Tools during my visit to IMATS last month. After trying their products, my perspective on makeup brushes completely changed! It was great chatting up with the owners and they were great at introducing their products. The best part was that their brushes were marked down by 40% of their retail price! I really regret not getting more!

Maestro Series

Green Bambu Series

Here are the 2 brushes that I picked up during IMATS from their Studio Series. I can’t remember the prices exactly, but I believe I paid around $10 CAD for each brush. I was especially looking for facial brushes for my liquid and powder foundation because I had really disliked my previous one from Sigma. Plus, I was looking specifically for kabuki brushes.

#957S Precision Kabuki

This precision cheek brush will apply makeup with air brushed precision. To fully explore your makeup’s potential and range, a proper set of makeup brushes are needed. This brush is made of premium quality materials and bristles to make sure that your application is flawless.

I fell in love with this brush as soon as I opened the package! It is super soft and pretty dense. I love using it for liquid foundation because it blends so easily. The flat top makes it perfect for buffing makeup to a flawless finish. I’ve been using it consistently for the past month and it does not shed! It is a high quality inexpensive brush compared to other brands. The brush itself is not too heavy but it does have a good weight to it. So it feels really good when you are using it. I’m just sad that I haven’t discovered this brand and this brush sooner.

#993U Flat Top Kabuki

The Flat Top Kabuki Brush is perfect to use with any powder, cream, and liquid foundations. This brush will create a flawless coverage and application every single use. The flat dome and premium synthetic fibers make it ideal for buffing your liquid products. The anti-bacterial protective coating creates a built-in guard against mold, fungus and bacteria that can gather on brushes. Apparently, this brush is comparable to MAC’s #182 Buffer Brush ($42.00), but I can’t justify that because I don’t own that MAC brush.

-This premium brush is made from quality synthetic fibers
-Ideal for use with powder, cream, and liquid foundations
-Perfect for buffing liquid products
-Approximately 2.2″ (5.5cm)

This brush works really well with my powder foundation or setting powder. It really leaves that flawless and polish finish. This brush is also extremely soft and dense, which is AWESOME! I actually now keep this in my purse as my on-the-go brush. So whenever I touch up my face when I’m out, I’m constantly going back to this brush.

Overall, I’m really, really happy with these brushes and like I had mentioned above, I wish I had bought more. I’m now saying goodbye to applying my face makeup with sponges and I’m welcoming these brushes with open arms! Haha ~ Oh and the Precision Kabuki brush is currently on sale on their website for 20% off ($14.52). You can go on Bdellium Tools website to discover more!