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This is part 3 of my media coverage of IMATS Toronto. You can click here and here to see parts 1 and 2. All the stuff that I had purchased or received during the show. I was so thrilled that they gave us these bags to put all of our purchases in! Everyone definitely needed these bags because there were just so much stuff to purchase!

Makeup Artist Contest

Check out some of these crazy makeup transformations! They are truly stunning!

Face Atelier

Canadian based FACE atelier is classic and versatile makeup, loved by make-up artists, celebrities and consumers. FACE atelier is available online and at select retailers worldwide. FACE atelier is an innovator within the beauty industry, a collection of classic and sophisticated makeup that simply works and works simply. A secret weapon of makeup artists and industry professionals, FACE atelier has attracted a cult-like following. An official sponsor for the Madonna Confessions Tour, FACE atelier has a host of celebrity fans.

The very, very famous foundation by Face Atelier. You can create the flawless face with FACE atelier’s silicone based collection of Ultra Foundation, Ultra Sheer, Ultra Camouflage Duet, Ultra Blush, Ultra Pressed Powder and Ultra Loose Powder. FACE atelier – versatile makeup that simply works. Everything at IMATS was around 20% off of the retailed price.

I was shown one of the newest ultra blush available in the collection. It’s a peach colour that’s not only unique but it works great with all skin-tones!

The infamous Transforming Gel! Only FACE atelier has a gel that magically transforms any loose or pressed powder into a pool of easily applied, lasting colour that sets and makes a lasting impression. I really need to get my hands on some of this!

Transformation at Royal & Langnickel

Lit Glitter

We all love glitter! But let’s face the fact that they are really hard to work with. Especially when it comes to applying and blending it all over the eyes! Well, fear no more! Lit Cosmetics has came up with the Clearly Liquid Glitter Base, which makes it so easy to blend and apply glitter as makeup. Take a look at the results below: Joyce got her eye makeup done at the Lit Cosmetics counter and her eyes turned out amazing!

Yaby Cosmetics

Yaby was developed by Toronto makeup artist, liz Yu, when she was searching for a solution to condensing her ever growing kit. after going through a number of DIY kit solutions, that eventually have to be replaced due to the limitations of easily sourced DIY materials, liz decided to create a more permanent and easily customized solution for all artists looking for an answer to their kits organization.

As a solution for make artists in all sectors of the industry, yaby carries palettes that provide convenience and highly customizable. each palette features built in stainless steel mixing palette, magnetic base, shock absorbing foam inserts with easy to clean surface, as well as the highly in demand freestyle palette.

Kett Cosmetics

Two of my biggest regrets from the show were not picking up the Kett Sett Powder and Parian Spirit brush cleaner. I have heard amazing things about these products but because I was trying to “save” money, I decided not to get them! Now a week after IMATS, I REGRET it SO MUCH! KJ Bennett really recommends the Kett Sett Powder in any makeup artists’ kit. He has been using it for a really, really long time! And it was only $18 at IMATS!

NYX Cosmetics

I think next to Makeup Forever, NYX cosmetics had the busiest booth in IMATS. I couldn’t even take anymore photos of the booth because there were just so many people! I personally didn’t find the prices too cheap at IMATS, but I guess it’s because the collection was so extensive and thus, attracts a lot of people.

I probably have only one more media coverage left for IMATS, which will probably focus on my haul. I hope I’ll be able to get it up by the end of this week! So stay tune for that!