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Arrival at IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show) Toronto 2011. I arrived at around 9:30 in the morning and to my surprise, there wasn’t that many people there yet. It didn’t take me that long to get my press pass and the IMATS staff were extremely friendly and efficient with their work.

The class schedule for Day 1 (Saturday November 12, 2011)

Great company for the trade show! :) Joyce and Rica!

Inside the Press Lounge…

Comfortable couches for us to relax our tired feet. Trust me, I needed a break from walking in my heels!

The amazing food that Royal & Langnickel set up for us! Since I missed breakfast, it was great to filled my tummy with some goodies! They had bagels, fruits (even lychee) and delicious cakes! They even set up manicure booths so that we can take a break from IMATS and pamper ourselves! Not to mention we could have gotten a relaxing man massage as well. It was super sweet and thoughtful of Royal & Langnickel!

The view from inside the lounge on the second floor. You can see the either IMATS floor from the room. Super cool ~ Also, do you notice all the people lining up for the Makeup Forever Booth? It was insane!

The star of the show, Emmy Award winning beauty expect, Kevin James (KJ) Bennett himself! He was giving a little talk on makeup tips and some of his must-have products inside his makeup kit. He introduced us to the Royal & Langnickel’s SILK Pro Sets and SILK Pro Greenline. He even introduced us to his favourite setting powder, the Kett Sett Powder. He swears by this product and now I really regret not picking it up at IMATS yesterday! It’s such a great privilege and honour to have learned from a professional makeup artist!

We were lucky enough to have a photo with Kevin James (KJ) Bennett as well! I feel like a rock star! Haha ~

This is Susan Kelly, who is the Director of Sales & Marketing for Royal & Langnickel. She’s super nice in person and was responsible for setting everything up for us. Here she was demonstrating these QR codes that comes with everything brush. You can now basically scan these QR codes with your smart form and a video will show up. The video is a tutorial on how to use the brush that you have just purchased and the videos are done by Kevin James (KJ) Bennett himself! This is genius!

Guess what we all went home with?

The SILK PRO GreenLine 12 Piece makeup brush set!!! OMG ~ This was totally unexpected and it was so nice of Royal & Langnickel! Here is a little description about these brushes: S.I.L.K GreenLine™ are professional eco-friendly brushes. These high-end brushes boast a special blend of synthetic filaments, along with 100% bamboo handles and chrome plated nickel ferrules. Packaged in a sustainable cork case, the GreenLine™ is unrivaled in quality. My favourite so far is the face brush because it’s SOOOOOOOO SOFT! :) LOVEEE ~

Lastly, Joyce and I have matching bow/pearl bracelet! Fashion twin much? :)