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I recently did a beauty swap with fellow Canadian blogger (from Montreal), Marie Frédérique (Fred) of Shmuberry! I bought her tons of goodies from Hong Kong and these are all the goodies that she got for me from Korea! I’m super jealous that she was able to go to Korea! She’s such a sweet heart and she knows me soooooooo well! She got me exactly what I wanted and much more! :D I swear I’ll never run out of facial masks again! Haha ~

All the amazing face masks that I can’t wait to test out!

The Etude House blush that I don’t want to use because the puff is so CUTE!

A bling bear cell phone charm! She’s so cute and even bought one for herself so we can match! :)

Missha Signature BB Cream, the only one that I don’t have yet and want to try!

Her letter to me with her super neat handwriting! She wrote that her writing was messy but I couldn’t see it! It was so much neater than mine ~

Lastly, this beauty notebook that she got for me because of course, Korea is known for producing the cutest stationery! Super kawaii ~ These are just some of the things that I wanted to highlight! She also packed me so much samples and goodies that I just can’t possibly show it all in one post! I’m beyond ecstatic!