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1. Bunny toy dressed up as a snake/dragon ¥10 RMB each ($1.5 CAD)

2. Honeys crochet fringe poncho ¥198 RMB ($30 CAD)

3. Geta to match my Ukata ¥40 RMB ($6 CAD)

4. Gold/pink bracelets ¥10 RMB each ($1.5 CAD)

5. Duckies keychains ¥10 RMB ($1.5 CAD)

6. Onigiri keychain ¥15 RMB ($2.3 CAD)

7. Pink polka dot hair bow ¥12 RMB ($2 CAD)

8. Mentholatum LipIce Water Color Lip Moisturizer in Dancing Pink ¥35 RMB ($5.3 CAD)

I know that I haven’t been making haul posts in a while! That’s mostly due to the fact that it’s just too much work to keep up with all the stuff that I’ve been buying in China. I haven’t been making any huge purchases at once, it’s more like little things here and little things there. So I figured it may be better to do a collective haul from Nanjing when I get back to Toronto. Good idea? ^^

On another note, here are some really amazing (and CUTE) snacks that I’ve tried while being in China. I still can’t believe how many different kinds of Pocky and Pretz they have here! It’s quite insane! And the prices are much cheaper than Canada! Most of the special flavour pockys are less than $2 CAD, which is 50%-60% cheaper than Pacific Mall or all the other Asian stores in Toronto. The food may not be better in Nanjing, but the snacks definitely surpass Toronto.

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