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I took these photos when I had first arrived here but somehow they had been forgotten along the way. This is the surrounding area around my house and my workplace. Everything is within a 15 minutes walk of each other, making it very convenient. I really wish that everything in Toronto is within a walking distance. It’s funny to me how these photos don’t really fully depict Nanjing correctly. Nanjing is a fast moving city and everyone, seriously EVERYONE, is constantly moving! No one ever takes the time to slow down, look around or even to stop to take a breath. These photos somehow appear to be empty and quiet. But I assure you, Nanjing is not such a city. You cannot go a minute, a second, without hearing the sound of a car’s honk, a motorcycle racing through the streets or the sound of people jumping onto buses. It’s very, very different from Toronto.

Everything is opened late so it would make it so easy to get a midnight snack when I get hungry. Haha! But in all honesty, I’m not sure if I’m ready to part with Nanjing just yet. It feels a little premature to leave because I’ve just gotten use to this place. As much as I embrace changes, I’m a person of habits. However, the past 3 months spend in Nanjing have definitely pushed me out of all my habits and comforts. I experienced sometime new everyday here, which it scares me realizing that in 2 weeks I’ll be back in my comfort zone and the safety of my “home”. Perhaps being too comfortable isn’t always right.