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I remember when I first saw these bags back in May while I was in Hong Kong, I had told myself that these would be on the top of my list to get when I get back. They are so funny and just my style! :) Now these bags are starting to gain popularity in China as well because I’ve been seeing them on the streets in both Nanjing and Shanghai. Plus, other brands are starting to make them as well.

Banane Taipei is a local Taiwan handbag brand established in 2005. It launched its signature bag, Banane Bag on April Fool (ironic) last year, on which, a 3-D image of Hermes Birkin bag is printed is on a canvas bag. BANANE TAIPEI loves the idea of combining Taiwan’s creative, unique and humorous ideas to create a great product. These fun and colorful bags are a twist of the famous Hermes Birkin bag. They are printed on all five sides of the bag which makes them look like real Hermes bags from far. BANANE TAIPEI products are not only limited to creative performance, but are full of love towards the Earth. 100% HAND MADE, WHOLE NATURAL, NON-TOXIC MATERIALS, 100% EARTH FRIENDLY.

Apparently these bags have gotten so popular that there is now a waiting list for them. Not to mention that the store in Taipei gets huge number of people lining up outside on a daily basis! That’s insane! But hey, I’m sure that if I’m in Taipei right now, I would be one of those girls in the line! ;)

Some people hate them, some people love them and some people believe that Hermes is going to sue the company because of copyright. Whatever the case may be, I personally find these bags to be so adorable! I’m leaning towards getting the orange one when I get back to Hong Kong. Hopefully I’ll be able to find a store that sells the legit ones because there are tons and tons of fake ones that are being made in China at the moment. If you know any stores in Hong Kong that sell these bags, please message me! Otherwise, I would have to order directly from their website here. Or you can email the store directly for order details:

Thursday Friday is also another company that picked up the trend of the printed Birkin canvas bags. Though they are cheaper (Only $35 USD) but these bags do not look as nice as the ones from Banane Taipei. They also do not have a wide range of colour to choose from.

T.A.T.A Baby, a Japanese brand, takes the printed Birkin canvas bag in a whole new level. T.A.T.A — Talking About The Abstraction is the new upcoming brand from Japan. T.A.T.A. and its baby line T.A.T.A. Baby is famous of the fake photo prints items, like pants,jackets and bags. All the products are well-known of the good quality and creative designs. Therefore not only Japanese, celebrities in Hong Kong as Faye Wong and Hilary Tsui also being the fans of T.A.T.A. These bags look like the real deal from afar! So of course, they are more expensive (around $200 USD each). You can get them here but they are so expensive!

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