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Here are some photos from my day-trip to some museums around the city of Nanjing. Not only do I really enjoy museums but I can’t wait to visit some art galleries in Nanjing as well. I visited 3 museums two Saturdays ago: Nanjing Massacre Museum, Nanjing Brocade Museum and The Nanjing Museum. Some highlights include a huge bookcase that consisted of the names of the 300,000 victims of the Rape of Nanking, seeing how a brocade is made from scratch, a jade coffin shaped like a soldier, and a wall filled with broken porcelains that dates back to the Ming dynasty. It amazes me that the China has over 3,000 years of written history alone! I can’t even begin to grasp the vastness of it all. It blows my mind.

PS, sorry that there isn’t a lot of photos from the Nanjing Massacre Museum. They didn’t allow pictures throughout the entire museum and I was only allowed to sneak a few photos of the exit =(