A Washed-Out Dream

From Nanjing star heels and flower purse, from Taobao pants, old tank, miscellaneous friendship bracelets,

Thanks to Prada, I can never get enough of this colour blocking trend. From my previous outfit post, you can probably tell which two colours are my favourite combination: orange and blue. I’ve been purchasing so much summer clothes in Nanjing only to realize today that by the time I go back to Toronto, it’ll already be close to Fall. (Yeah sometimes I can be a little slow…LOL!) I wasn’t planning on wearing any of the new purchases in China but with this sudden realization in mind I’m left without a choice. I guess I better start stalking up on autumn clothes instead.

PS, hopefully next post will be about my travels to Danyang & Yangzhou from last week. I’m still trying to edit through all the photos.