The Confucius Temple

From Korea Chanel logo t-shirt, from Hong Kong star pants, from Nanjing purse & red frames, Puma shoes,

Confucius, China’s legendary sage, has lost. The advocate of respect, restraint and order is now associated in Nanjingers’ minds with one thing–shopping! Centered around the ancient Confucius Temple (南京夫子庙), this neighborhood in southern Nanjing is the place to be on weekends and holidays. Clothing shops and restaurants dominate the main streets (closed to vehicular traffic) while street stalls in the alleyways sell stuffed animals, plants, CDs and even more clothes. The daily night market brings these stalls out onto Gongyuan Lu, the main drag between the Confucius Temple and Pingjiang Fu Lu, a lively scene even if most of the goods on sale are simple household items. Tourists not interested in bringing a cactus and cheap hangers back home as reminders of their trip to Nanjing can load up on souvenirs at shops clustered closer to the Confucius Temple complex.

Not only does the Confucius Temple have great historical value, but the shopping there is aaaaaamazing! The best part is learning that I can bargain down to almost half of the original price for all the items. It’s not wonder that it has became such a huge shopping area for the locals. It’s great that JL is here with me because there’s finally some body who can take photos with me in them! Haha! (My roommate doesn’t know how to use my D90 and I really, really don’t wanna carry my tripod around with me). Both my roommate and I have decided that we will be visiting this place more frequently. Sight-seeing and shopping all in one place? I couldn’t ask for more! (^__^)

Polka dot romper ¥35 RMB ($6 CAD), stripe top ¥30 RMB ($5 CAD), orange floral purse ¥79 RMB ($12 CAD), cute socks 5 for ¥10 RMB ($1.5 CAD), ninja sandals ¥80 RMB ($12 CAD)