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Sorry that I’ve been MIA for the past few days. A lot of things happened this week and thus, I haven’t had the time to give to the blog. Well, the first thing is that JL has left Nanjing as of yesterday afternoon. It was a hassle finding him a taxi that would take him to the airport during lunchtime because there were so many people fighting for taxis around that time. Plus, we found out that some taxis cannot go to the airport because apparently their meter on the air doesn’t let them cross the different districts in Nanjing. (The airport was in another district from where I’m located) Thus, we waited for more than half an hour before we could find a taxi and we were really scared that he was going to miss his flight. But luckily he is now back in Hong Kong in one piece before he leaves for Toronto again in a week. I would be lying if I say that I don’t miss him already. It won’t be until September when I can see him again. It feels like forever right now.

Second thing is that I have officially started teaching English as of this past Monday! Woot! That means I am no longer stuck in the office doing office work and lesson planning anymore! I am teaching the Intensive Language Preparation Program (ILLP) for primary students who are going aboard. Most of my students are planning to go to Australia so equipping them with some basic English skills that they may need when they are in the new country. The students have been wonderful thus far and their English is very good considering that they are only 10 years old. Some of them are more eager to learn than others. But with a little encouragement and confidence, all of them will be able to speak fluent English in no time!

Lastly, for the past few days I couldn’t help but notice the major contrast in the cityscape of Nanjing. (Picture above) Just outside the window of my home, I can see some very, very old houses contrasted with some very new and modern buildings. It really demonstrates how quickly Nanjing is becoming a huge metropolitan. Maybe in a few more years the houses that I’m living in right now will be demolished and in turn, high skyscrapers will be built in its place. But right now, it is interesting to see how Nanjing limbos between the old and the new.