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ES A801 and A023 false lashes sponsored by kkcenterhk

This review is way over due! Sorry it took me almost a month to post this up! =3 I’m so sorry! These are the third and fourth set of lashes that were sponsored to me by kkcenterhk. (You can check out the first and second review of this company here and here). I want to first talk about the bottom lashes because I was super excited to receive them in the mail! Aside from top lashes, I’m also a huge fan of bottom lashes! I think bottom lashes just make your eyes even more dolly! I think these A023 bottom lashes are very suitable for everyday wear since they are not overly dramatic. A very good tip that I can offer on how to apply bottom false lashes is to make sure you don’t be lazy and cut the stripe in half. That way the lashes will fit more nicely along your lower lash line. And considering that they only cost $7.78 USD for 10! It’s an amazing deal!

The A801 top lashes remind me a lot of the Dolly Wink No. 3. They are very natural looking but at the same thing they are still very girly. Also, they have an invisible band. This means that the lashes are very easy to bend and they look even more natural when applied. I would recommend using a clear glue when dealing with false lashes that have an invisible band. These lashes are also great because they are made to last! I would definitely wash these and reuse them again! A set of 10 A801 lashes cost only $5.12 USD, which is equal to less than a dollar per pair.

Please check out kkcenterhk if you are looking for false eyelashes. Their prices are amazing and they have such a huge variety! Not to mention that they also have tons of stuff other than false lashes such as wigs, makeup, nail products and even fashion items! So what are you waiting for? :D