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I recently decided to add a facial cleansing brush to my daily skin care routine because I felt like I wasn’t getting enough manual exfoliation. Exfoliating is a very important step in a skin care routine because it not only remove excess dirt/oil but it helps remove dead skin cell on your face. By exfolicating, you’ll be able to stimulate circulation and improve skin texture and skin tone. Also, keeping the skin exfoliated helps ensure that your other skin care products, like serums, are more effective. When they don’t have to penetrate a layer of dead skin cells, they can target the new skin cells. The result? Your skin will be left glowing which is why it’s so crucial to exfoliate!

So I picked up these two cleansing blushes from Quo and from The Body Shop. The Body Shop is more than half the price of the Quo one and it’s 358329X better than the Quo one! When I first started to use the Quo one, I noticed how prickly it felt on my skin. The bristles are NOT soft at all! I was so disappointed and it was $7, which I thought was still pretty expensive for a manual brush. So then the other day I decided to try The Body Shop one instead since well, it’s only $3. (Then with the discount club card, I got an extra 10% off so it was even cheaper) And to my biggest surprise, it was AWESOME! It did everything that I had wanted and it’s softer and denser comparing to the Quo one. The only down side is that it doesn’t have a handle like the Quo one, but for half the price, I can’t complain. Plus, they both have cap to ensure that the brush stays clean. I don’t have a Clarisonic, so I’m not sure how it will compare to it. But I think for a manual brush, The Body Shop one does a pretty decent job at exfoliating.

How I use this product: After removing all my makeup from my face with a cleansing oil, I would add a cleanser (such as Spectro Jel Cleanser) to the brush. Then I would slowly and gently rub the brush in an upward motion on my face along with the cleanser. This product is great for removing dead skin cells! I do not use this near my undereye area as the skin this is an extremely delicate area of your face.

So overall, if you are looking for a manual exfoliating brush, skip the Quo one and get The Body Shop one instead. It’s cheaper and it’s softer and overall, just better!