Base Zoo

Make You Feel Better Base Zoo sweater courtesy of Trinity Styles, H&M harem pants, Forever 21 heels, Aldo purse, Bape trucker hat, vintage glasses

Trinity is an online store originally based on facebook. Established in 2008, they are one of the largest online stores in British Columbia on facebook. To expand their business, they have begun to move onto a fully functional shopping cart to meet the needs of more customers online. At Trinity, they strive to provide you with quality products at the most attractive prices.Their products are all unique in nature and you won’t have to worry about looking just like everyone else when you’re at the mall. Trinity is located in Richmond, British Columbia and ship worldwide. All product photos are actual photos either shot by us or provided by the company. The worry of receiving something that looks completely different is eliminated when you are shopping here with them.

They had send me this sweater for review purchases, which means that I do not monetary compensation for it. Everything I say about this item are of my 100% honest opinion as always. This is my second review for the company, you can find the first review that I did back in February here.

I actually wouldn’t call this a “sweater” because it’s not very thick. It’s more like a top and it’s definitely one of those tops that you would have to wear something underneath because it’s quite see-through. But I don’t mind because since the weather is getting really warm anyways, which makes it perfect for a top like this. I did find that the top is a bit loose on me and that the collar is quite large so that’s why I had to wear it as an off-shoulder top. However, I must admit that the quality is only okay. The last item that they had send me here was definitely better. The top is very simple so it’ll go great with everything. What I really liked was the fact that the tag was pinned on with a safety pin because it doesn’t damage the top. I can easily remove without having to worry about ripping the shirt (^___^)

Trinity Styles had stocked up a lot of nice goodies for the stuff time! They have some amazing skirts and top for a really affordable price! My favourites are still their bondage leggings and Lis Liza inspired dolly shorts! The shipping took rather long this with this package, we assumed that there was something wrong with the Canada Post office because a package from Vancouver to Toronto should not take over 3 weeks time! We were worried that it was lost in the mail! But I was just happy that it was just overly late rather than being lost. However, this never happened with the previous item, so I know that it’s not the company’s fault, it was probably because of the some internal post office problems. The prices on this site is extremely affordable with most items ranging from $10 CAD to $30 CAD. And they have great sales from time to time! So definitely go check them out!