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Last Sunday, I attende the MAC Warehouse Sale with Joyce and Rica. These were the items that I picked up and as you can tell by the little amount, I was NOT impressed! Unlike the last time, when I went in December last year, there were hardly any Bobbi Brown skin care stuff. And that was what I had wanted to begin with. I was so disappointed and I don’t think I’ll go back again unless they improve the prices or if they get more stuff. Remember the last time when I had purchased two Bobbi Brown cleansing oil for $30? Well, the prices of the cleansing oil went up to $25 for one bottle, which is a pretty big difference! I only saw the Bobbi Brown cleansing oil in the entire sale and nothing else! Super disappointed!

In the end, I only picked up two lipsticks from MAC that are purple shades (Lavender Wipe and Blooming Lovely) cause I don’t have any purple lipsticks. And one lipstick didn’t even come with a box! I bought the travel size Bobbi Brown cleansing oil cause I’ll probably take them to Hong Kong with me. Since I couldn’t get the BB cleansing oil, I decided to buy the Origin one instead. Then I got the MAC #21 half lash, Goodskin Lab Eylipex Eye Lift + Circle Reducer and Grassroots Research Labs Blue Algae Enriched Firming Cream. In total I spend about $120 for all the stuff.

The free gift was the blue MAC eyeshadow in Haunting and the Charity Bag items are in the last photo. The only good things are the MAC #41 Criss Cross Lashes and the MAC Boy Bait Cremesheen Glass. Other than that I can’t use the rest of them (MAC Mineralize Satin Finish SPF15 Foundation Sample in NC30 and the MAC Mineralize SPF15 Foundation Loose in Medium Dark) cause they are too dark for my skin colour. (I’ll be setting up a blog sale to try to sell of the stuff that I can’t use)

So I tweeted yesterday saying that I had went shopping at Vaughan Mills with JL after school and these were the items that I had picked up. I didn’t buy that much but I don’t know why it felt like I had spend a lot of money.
1) New slippers for me and him at his house because the old ones were getting too dirty and they were too big to begin with. We got these at One’s for $5.99
2) Forever 21 denims shorts for $21.90 each. I needed new shorts for summer and I needed to exchange a size of one pair that I had purchased from the website.
3) H&M tribal harem pants for $19.90. I don’t have anything with this print on it and the material is like track pants materials, which is definitely something new for my closet.
3) Ardene hair clips and hair bands that were 5 for $10. Most of these are for JL, yes he clips his hair up at home cause his bangs get in the way. He couldn’t find 5 things that he had wanted to I bought the bow hair clips and the lace usamimi so that he could have 5 items.
4) When I was just about to leave Ardene, I saw the floral denim belts that caught my attention instantly. The belts were 3 for $15 so I had to buy 2 other belts cause I wanted the blue one. The colours of these belts are perfect for summer and to my surprise, they actually fit me!

Lastly, I bought this pair of Converse with the slimmer soles from Little Burgendy’s online store a couple of days ago and they just arrive today. You will never guess how much I got these for? $20 CAD with free shipping! :) Seriously, that’s even cheaper than Hong Kong!