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These lens were send to me by I LOVE CIRCLE LENSES for review purposes, which means that I do not monetary compensation for it. This is the first of a two part review since I received two lenses from them. Everything I say about these lens are of my 100% opinion. All lenses provided on this site are guaranteed 100% authentic. I LOVE CIRCLE LENSES are a registered distributor for all lenses provided on this site. All of their lenses are authentic. They care about your eyes so you can shop with confidence. EOS is a South Korean brand and most commonly used in South Korea, and Japan. EOS is KFDA certified and is CE certified by all European countries.

What I love the most about this site is that the shipping cost is extremely low! Check out their company’s shipping policy:
1) We Ship to every country
2) Your entire order is always $3.75 for shipping. That means the more you order the more you save on shipping. You can order 328437248 pairs…shipping will still be $3.75 :) This offer is only valid to US and Canadian residents. All other countries will be $4.75 for your entire order.
3) We Ship with USPS First Class Mail with a Tracking number (please be sure to email us if you would like to know your tracking number.) For residents in the US shipping time takes 3-5 business days. Shipping to Canada can take any time from 5-8 business days. For all other countries shipping time can vary. Approximately 1-2 weeks.
4) All gifts that we ship with your purchase will be no extra charge. That means no extra shipping fee.

Max Misty Gray

Usage Modality: Yearly
BC: 8.6 mm
DIA: 14.5 mm
Water content: 38%
Approved and Certified by: KF&D Administration
Perscription: Here

Price for each pair: $25 USD


I must say that the actual lens is very true to colour of the photo. I am so in love with these grey lenses because they are subtle but they still have a very unique pattern to them. The pattern is hardly noticeable in natural lighting but with a flash, it really makes the eyes pop out. I also really like how there’s a bit of gradient on the lenses as it fades toward the centre of the eye. This makes them look really natural.

The grey lenses go really nicely with my natural brown eyes. These lenses are also amazing at enlarging the eyes because they are 14.5 mm rather than the usual 14.0 mm. Plus, they have a dark ring around the lenses so gives an enlarging affect. Not to mention that these lenses are extremely comfortable. I’ve been wearing them to school and have no felt any discomfort. ^___^

The shipping took two week, which was just average for international packages. A good thing about the company is that most lenses with prescriptions are already in stock and ready to ship. So there’s no waiting time for pre-ordering or anything like that. This will make the shipping process much smoother.

The only thing that I was not impressed about was the packaging. I received my lenses in a really small bubble envelope with just foam on the inside. Each glass vial weren’t wrapped with bubble wraps so I thought that this could have been a hazard if the vials broke during the mailing process. I would definitely like to see some improvement on the way that the company ships and packages their orders.

But I did like how the company included an order form (my order was actually send out on January 24 and not December 24) with the shipment. Not a lot of online companies include this in their orders, so I thought this was helpful if any mistakes on the order had been made. I also love the little quote that they had included on the bottom: Remember to keep your eyes mesmerized :)

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Product (5/5) – I’m in love with the colour
Cost (5/5) – $25 USD + $3.75 USD shipping for a pair of circle lens is very affordable!
Comfort (5/5)
Packaging (3/5)

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