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Colour: 06 Candy Pink, EOS Candy Blue lens courtesy of PinkyParadise: use code “emily” for FREE animal lens case PLUS a mystery gift


Mellish” is a combination of the words “Melon”, “Liar” and “Wish” . Advertised by the super famous young & trendy Japanese model Yui Kanno (ex-Popteen, current Popsister model), and highly promoted in the Japanese magazine popteens, this trendy lip gloss become a must-try for young girls in local Japan! The collection first came out last year in Japan and now Yui is making more new products for Melliesh. These lip glosses are suppose to be concealer + lipstick + gloss all in one tube! Pack Size – 5g These are all the colours that are available:

01. strawberry milk / 02. Baby Doll / 03. Nudy beige / 04. Juicy orange / 05. Honey Apricot / 06. Candy pink

Make sure that your lips are moist before applying. I would recommend using a lip balm underneath this lip gloss, maybe Vaseline or Rosebud lip balm.



When Melliesh was on sale in Hong Kong two months ago, I had asked my aunt to purchase 2 lip glosses and 2 blushes for me. She brought them over when she visited me during the Christmas break and I’ve been using these products ever since. I will review the rest of the Melliesh items very soon but I have to say that so far, I love all the items that I have from Melliesh!
Candy Pink is labeled as “a pop of sweet pink” and it definitely pops! The colour is very opaque, which I love! I can’t get over at how vivid the colour looks on my lip! It honestly beats the Revlon Super Lustrous lip glosses! It conceals my lips really well. Though it’s very thick in consistency but it doesn’t leave your lips feeling sticky or heavy. The finish of these unscented glosses is very shiny and it does glide really smoothly onto my lips. However, the lip gloss comes in a REALLY small tube with a regular fuzzy doe-foot applicator. The applicators are very soft and distribute the right amount of gloss evenly. Also, how CUTE is the packaging?!? :3

The cons about this product include: not being very moisturizing, average lasting-power and like I had mentioned above the small amount of lip gloss in the tube for such a high cost. The product didn’t completely dry out my lips but it wasn’t that moist. If I don’t apply a balm prior to the gloss, the gloss tends to settle in the crease. The lasting-power for me is average but at least it fades evenly. The price is also really expensive for such a small tube. If you find it on Ebay, I believe the cheapest is around $15 CAD but I found it at Pmall for more than $20 CAD!I had purchased mine from Hong Kong when it was on sale so it $68 HKD, which is less than $10 CAD. So if you are going to Hong Kong, definitely stock up on this item before coming back!

Overall, I still LOVE LOVE LOVE this lip gloss because the colour is just so nice! I don’t have to worry about wearing both lipstick and lip gloss anymore because this product definitely works great as both. It conceals my lips really well and the color is so beautiful. I own many different shades of pink lip glosses and lipsticks but have not found one quite like this one. When I’m done with this tube, I will for sure be repurchasing it!

Product (5/5)
Cost (3/5) – Quite expensive for such a small product.
Ease of Use (5/5)
Packaging (5/5) – LOVE Japanese cosmetics just for their packaging! :)