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A 2-in-1 formula that gently removes all traces of makeup & cleanses skin while maintaining natural moisture levels. Olive and Jojoba Oils condition skin and leave it feeling soft and supple while Ginger Root Extract soothes and calms the skin.

To use: Pump a liberal amount into your hands. Gently apply to your dry face, lightly rubbing lashes into the oil to remove eye makeup, then massage your face with wet hands. Rinse with warm water.

It is important to know that you first apply the oil on your dry skin. As you rub, with the aid of the oil, makeup will begin to break up. I would massage the oil on your face for at least a minute so that the oil can really absorb all the makeup. Rinsing your face with warm water after will emulsify the oil allowing it to further break up foundation, eye makeup. I would also recommend to use a cleansing sponge to ensure that all makeup are removed.

Main ingredients: olive and jojoba oils, ginger root

I like to use cleansing oils as part of a double-cleansing (with the cleansing oil and a water-based foam cleanser) routine at night time. Double cleansing involves first using an oil-based cleanser (e.g. cleansing oil or cleansing cream) to remove makeup, followed by a water-based foam cleanser. A common myth about cleansing oil is that you don’t have to use a foam cleanser after using cleansing oil. In reality, you will need to use a foam cleanser (usually water based) to cleanse your face after using cleansing oil. I find that cleansing oils are the only effective products that are capable of melting layers of excess serum, sunscreen, and waterproof makeup.

Then when combined with a cleansing sponge and a water-based foam cleanser, it’s perfect for removing all your makeup. Some people may skip the foam cleanser part and thus, the oil would be left on the skin and this can cause breakouts. I really don’t understand why there’s so many bad reviews about this product, but I personally really love it. It’s very suitable for all skin types and it leaves my skin feeling really smooth afterward. My skin doesn’t feel oily at all after using this product. After using this product for over 2 months now, it didn’t cause my skin to break out either.

Some critics also said that because there’s ginger root in the product, it can stink or irritate the eyes. But I didn’t experience any of these effects. Of course, I would still recommend actually using a makeup remover for the eyes to remove your eye makeup rather than using only the cleansing oil. Remember, it’s so important to cleanse your face every single night prior to sleep. I’m a firm believer of the saying “there’s no ugly women, there’s only lazy women”. If you aren’t blessed with beautiful or flawless skin, like myself, you will have to not be lazy and cleanse your skin properly.

What is your favourite cleansing oil? If there’s one that I should try out, please let me know!

Product (5/5)
Cost (3/5) – It’s quite pricey (6.7 fl. oz./ 200 ml for $39.00), but I was lucky to have picked up two bottles for only $30 CAD during the MAC warehouse sale back in December
Ease of Use (5/5)
Packaging (5/5)

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credit: bobbibrowncosmetics.com & joseibi.com