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Beautiful Lace Long Sleeve Dress courtesy of My Oneechan, Only crochet vest, American Eagle purse, Aldo boots

When the package from My Oneechan arrived in the mail yesterday, I was so excited to see what they had send me. These items were send to me by My Oneechan for review purposes, which means that I do not monetary compensation for it. Everything I say about these items are of my 100% opinion as always. They had mailed out my package on January 13th and I received the package on yesterday, which was January 20th. I was so shocked that the registered package only took one week to arrived from China to me in Canada. Super impressed with the company’s shipping process and the package was neatly packaged as well. I’m still in shock that internationally shipping can be so fast. Mimi Yoshida, who’s Promotions Manager of the company is also extremely friendly and nice. She answer emails really quickly as well.

They send me a total of two items to review and each of the items that they send me were also individually wrapped and neatly packaged. I was also really impressed by that. Here are the photos of how each product look like once I took them out of the box. The packaging of each item is definitely a lot better than most of the other online stores.

The first item that I received is the Beautiful Lace Long Sleeve Dress. The company knows me so well in sending me this dress. I think it’s completely my style and it fits really nicely with the bohemian style that I love so much. This dress also comes in white, but I honestly prefer the brown/tan colour because it’s not as common. This dress is perfect for Spring, which is quickly approaching. The dress is also really good quality, it’s definitely not made out of some cheap materials. It’s currently on sale for $53.00 USD and these are the photos of the item from the website:

What I love the most about the company is their amazing customer service. If any the purchased garments are damaged beyond repair, they will either replace the item (if available) or give a refund to the customers as long as they file a claim within the mentioned date in our return policy, which is 14 days after they have received the package based on tracking information. If they wait longer to file the claim, they may be issued store credit instead. Unlike most online stores, they also reimburse shipping costs to have the items sent back to us at either of our US/China/Japan/South Korea office, whichever is closer. Customers will not be charged any additional costs. That’s amazing!

If anything should happen to your orders or you have any questions about an item, our customer service team is always ready to help (even on the weekends) and usually answer e-mails within one day as long as correct contact information is provided. That’s one of a kind customer service! Stay tune to find out the next item that they send me!

If you love all my outfits or what I wear in general, do check out their website below or follow the link on my sidebar because I love everything on their site. I love Japanese and Korean style and the site definitely offer tons of Japanese and Korean clothing. You’ll definitely love this site. Not to mention that they also have men’s line as well. Go check the site go! :)


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