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These lens were send to me by Shoppingnspree Australia for review purposes, which means that I do not monetary compensation for it. Everything I say about these lens are of my 100% opinion. Shoppingnspree is an establish website for selling lens located in Australia. They are also linked to Shoppingnspree SG. Shoppingnspree owner had served lots of customers and is proud to say 99% of customers love their service! This company accepts Paypal, money order, Western Union, TT transfer and concealed cash (rare service and good for people without Paypal accounts) as methods of payment.

They ship all over the world and shipping time will vary depending on the location and public holidays. Lens are shipped from Australia by Auspost air parcel 0-250gram, (1 to 6 pairs of lens same shipping price). Here are the prices to some of the locations that they ship to (For full shipping list/price, click here):

Australia to Australia: 2-3 working days
AUD $4.55

Australia to zone B:
AUD $8.4/ US$7.5
Singapore 3-7 work days
Indonesia 5-6 work days
Malaysia 3-5 work days
China 4-6 work days

Australia to zone C:
AUD$9.55/ USD$8.5
Canada 5-10 work day
US 4-10 work days

Australia to zone D:
AUD$11.35/ USD$10
UK 4-7 work days

NAME: Hypersize Seeshell
DIAMETER: 14.5mm
POWER/PRESCRIPTION: 0.00 (Plano) to -6.00
WATER CONTENT: 45% water

Price for each pair: US $23/ AUD$23


These are my first pair of green circle lens and they are the Hypersize Seeshell EO23. My experience with this company has been extremely pleasant. They are very fast in replying my emails and are very prompt at mailing out packages. The packages arrived in Canada without 2 weeks from Australia, which is pretty fast considering that it is the holiday season at the moment. My package was dispatched on November 19 and I received it on December 3. Another reason why I really like this company is because they have tons of lens that are already in stock, which includes lens with prescriptions. This means you don’t have to pre-order and wait for the batch to be over. Thus, wait time will be cut drastically. The lens are also packaged very neatly in a flower printed wrapping and then placed in styrofoam containers to ensure that the lens bottles will not break.

I find these lens to be extremely comfortable and I can wear them for a full 12 hours without having to put in any eyedrops. This specific pair of circle lens are very, very natural and not dramatic at all, which can be a downside for those who are looking for something with more of a “pop” to them. It may be because my eyes are really dark to begin with so the colour isn’t as bright.

Another note, if you take a closer look at the lens, you’ll notice that it actually has a clear rim around the edge. This means that even though the lens are 14.5mm in diameter, but the lens itself does not cover the entire area. So it’s not very good at enlarging the eyes, which is a little disappointing. My package also did not come with a contact lens case, I’m not sure if it’s just because my package was sponsored or if the company does not give them out for free. You may want to contact them first if you do not have extra ones. Luckily, I had extras lying around my house. There’s a promotion right now at the store: with the purchase of any 2 pair of ready in stock lenses and you’ll receive FREE international shipping!

Want your own pair? ORDER HERE!

Shoppingnspree Australia have also included a special promo for my readers! Promotional code: thiswasforever.com. By entering this code, you’ll receive an additional free gift along with your purchase at Shoppingnspree Australia.

Product (3/5) – Not enough colour payoff and product did not come with a lens case.
Cost (5/5)
Comfort (5/5) – Very comfortable for all day wear.
Packaging (5/5) – Extremely fast shipping from Australia and packaged very neatly!


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